Periodic Maintenance Completed at Balçova Cable Car Facilities

periodical maintenance completed at balcova cable car facilities
periodical maintenance completed at balcova cable car facilities

Balçova Cable Car Facilities, commissioned by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, completed the annual periodical maintenance. Today, the re-opened plant's landscaping has been renewed, automation and electrical systems have been improved and maintained.

Maintenance works have been completed at the Balçova Teleferic Facilities, which were visited by 4 years ago and have been visited by 1.6 million people. Within the scope of the periodic maintenance work, which has to be carried out once a year, all the moving parts in the system have been overhauled and the parts that need to be replaced within the scope of the instructions have been renewed. Automation and electrical systems were improved and maintained. The cable car has met its visitors again from today (12 March Tuesday).

Safety first
During the maintenance works, improvements were made to reduce noise and vibration in order to increase passenger comfort in the cabins. All parts that passengers contacted were cleaned by using special materials under the rules of hygiene. Within the scope of the works, the landscape of the facility was renewed.

It's a pleasure
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality The cable car gondolas in 8, which are operated by İZULAŞ Company, offer the opportunity to watch Izmir from a different angle by going to Balçova Dede Mountain in approximately 4 minutes. During the journey, visitors who have the chance to see Izmir from a panoramic and exciting view can walk in a unique nature at the summit, in the greenery of pine trees, in a clean air. facilities and recreational areas.

Balçova Cable Car Plant, which serves on 6 day of the week, is closed due to maintenance on Mondays. 0 N 5 offers free of charge ticket prices for children up to age 9 TL.

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