Icon of Modern Turkey Our women!

Our modern symbol of women turkiyenin
Our modern symbol of women turkiyenin

Why 8 March? 8 March In 1857, a textile factory began to strike in New York City, where 40.000 weaving workers wanted better working conditions. However, when the police attacked the workers and the workers were locked into the factory and the workers could not escape from the barricades set up in front of the factory in the fire, 129 female workers lost their lives. 10.000s flocked to the funerals of the workers.

26-27 1910 in the city of Kopenhang in the Capital of Denmark on August 2. Clara Zetkin, one of the leaders of the German Social Democratic Party at the meeting of women affiliated to the International, proposed to be called 8 Mart (International Women's Day) in the textile factory in the history of 1857, and died in a fire in the textile factory, and this proposal was unanimously accepted. The world is celebrated as 8 March Women's Day.

Turkey, on March 1921 8 has been celebrated as International Working Women's Day. The 1980 coup was not celebrated for four years. 1984 continues to be celebrated with a wider audience every day.

We wish to celebrate 8 March International Women's Day.

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