Mersin Metro Project Details

Project Details of Mersin Metro
Project Details of Mersin Metro

Mersin Metro will be one of the few subways in our country, which are all underground, after Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, due to the city's architecture and the sensitivity to protect urban design and urban aesthetics.

Mersin Metro, which has unique features in terms of being unique and first in many areas, was designed not only as a modern transportation area, but as an urban living space. While planning the stations, the Metropolitan Municipality aimed to create a new living space in the city by adding exhibition areas, shopping units, cultural halls, meeting areas for non-governmental organizations, income generating places and many more features to the project.

By signing a first in the country, transferring and parking bicycles, motorcycles and cars in closed and secure car parks at the main stations will create a system where they can go anywhere they want with metro comfort.

enables integration of transport, it will be the first subway system in Turkey

In the project, using the latest technology in the world, the external diameter of the single tube system 10 meter, which is a first in our country by signing a more secure, robust, comfortable and fast transportation to the completion of the construction of the metro and the fastest way to meet the people of Mersin is planned.

Metropolitan Municipality, road, combining rail and sea, allowing the integration of transport, establishing the first subway system in Turkey, citizens of the transfer station without being affected by adverse weather conditions in the city is designing a project to enable them to achieve the fastest possible way.

By the Metropolitan Municipality, the metro, which will be equipped with smart city technologies, fully automatic operation system, comfortable wagons, special lighting and announcement system, latest system information boards, moving visual advertising system, last system escalators and elevators, 7 to 70 all aims to appeal to the public.

project details of Mersin metro

Metro 2019 to be started in 1. The line will be offered to the public in the main traffic of the city in the east-west direction first.

10 2 planned to be implemented in the year. It is aimed to make the line between Pozcu and the University in the light rail category consisting of 10,5 km length and 8 station. In 2023 2 thought to be available to the public. The cost of the line requires 400 million TL investment with today's value.

12 consisting of 12 km length and 3 station planned to connect the Underground Station, City Hospital and Bus Station underground. The line is expected to be put into service in 2024.

4.Hat will be composed of 5,5 km and 6 station between Train Station and National Garden. The tram project, which will go from the coast, is expected to be available to the public until 2025.

8 consisting of 8 km length and 5 station to connect the bus station with the Pozcu. The line will be partially underground. The project is aimed to be introduced to Mersin in 2027.

11 consisting of 12 km and 6 stations to connect the Port and Pozcu from the north. The line is all underground. This line is planned to be completed in 2029 and presented to the service of the people of Mersin.

Map of Mersin Metro

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