Hinge New Bus Station Road Hot Asphalt

hot asphalt
hot asphalt

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Menteşe Between the intercity bus station and the district center, the 1100-meter part of Dirgeme road was put on hot asphalt and offered to the service of the citizen.

With the 15,5 Million TL investment of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, the bus station that connects the district center with the bus station offered to the service of citizens in Menteşe District was made hot asphalt part of the 1100-meter and was offered to the service of the citizens.

With the works carried out, the road connecting the Menteşe district center with the new bus terminal was expanded in the new zoning plan and the development plans of 30 / 1 and 5000 / 1 were approved and finalized. After the completion of the expropriation process on the road taken by ADM EDAŞ within the scope of general illumination, lighting and pavements will be made available to the citizens.



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