Marmaray Introduced with Siemens Mobility Technology

turkiyenin marmaray railway entered service with siemens mobility technology
turkiyenin marmaray railway entered service with siemens mobility technology

The 76 km Marmaray project, an attempt to connect the Asia-Europe corridor, was opened yesterday.

State Railways of the Republic of Turkey, Asia and Europe, an initiative to connect the corridor to the main stage of the Marmaray project has begun to operating income. Siemens Mobility, which is in the joint venture that built this line, has installed and commissioned the SCADA system as well as the Signaling and Control system and Communication systems. Line; It connects the 43 km distance, 19 km on the Anatolian side of the peninsula and 62 km on the European side, to the 14 km tunnel passing under the Bosphorus. The total length of the line will be 76 kilometers, and in addition to providing a mixed suburban, intercity and freight service for the Istanbul metropolitan area, Gebze-Halkalı It also provides a higher availability for transitions from one continent to another, providing integration of its segment. More than 75.000 passengers per hour find their trip more effective, with a two-minute interval at times when the passenger density is at the highest level.

Siemens Mobility CEO Michael stated the following regarding the Peter said: "The Marmaray project in Turkey, which not only improve the environment but reduce the impact and quality of life on the city's transport, but also the two continents, better connecting emreamadelig guaranteeing a smart point to the commitment to infrastructure It is. Siemens Mobility increases efficiency and minimizes waiting time in a busy continental corridor. ”

The Marmaray project is one of the pillars of Turkey's ambitious railway investment plan. This phase includes the design and renewal of the rail system in the metropolitan area on both sides of the Bosphorus, with the centralization of the Operation Control Center in Maltepe. Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world, with a population of almost 15 million. Before the opening of the Marmaray tunnel passing through the Bosphorus, the only existing connection between the two sides of the city was provided by ferries and two bridges for road traffic. In an effort to reduce traffic congestion and improve sustainability, management is expanding the urban transport infrastructure.

The technologically unique line is equipped with both ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System) and CBTC (Communication Based Train Control System) systems. The advanced solutions provided by Siemens Mobility, Turkey involves the Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​lines already in service with ERTMS FUTUR technology and Trainguard who serve in Downtown LA metro system in Singapore.

already at Siemens Mobility Turkey Bandirma-Manisa line Samsun-thick, Konya-Karaman-Ulukışla line, the Ankara-speed upgrade work of Konya line, and finally in Yerköy-Sivas perform signaling projects; In addition, it is in cooperation with the technical solution of line freedom detection systems for the Tekirdağ-Muratlı line.



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