Manavgat Asphalt


The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality prepares hot asphalt in the Sarılar Quarter of Manavgat, and prepares asphalt in the roads of Denizkent, Gündoğdu and Retail neighborhood.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide asphalt services in every district and neighborhood without interruption for the citizen to make a comfortable transportation. Asphalt teams of the Department of Rural Services cover the side roads of the Sarilar District, Muhittin Ersoy Boulevard, which is in poor condition with hot asphalt. In total, the road with 1.5 km is made more comfortable.

To be long lasting
Rural area teams also started preparations for asphalt preparation in Manavgat, Denizkent, Gündoğdu and Perakende neighborhoods. Asphalt infrastructure teams, the group path to ensure that the flow of rain is determined to reduce the area and clean the snow. In addition, the teams are tightening the floor with a filling material in areas where the ground is loose. Teams 12 km long Denizkent, Gündoğdu and Retail neighborhoods continue to work with great care to ensure the longevity of the group road.

Akdemir also examined
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Consultant İsa Akdemir also examined the works on site. With residents sohbet Akdemir said that there will be no unpaved roads in Antalya and its districts.



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