Painfull Loss of the Railway Manager


Ankara YHT station manager Talip Unal lost his life in the hospital where he was treated. The railwaymen drowned the law.

A funeral ceremony was organized at the Ankara Railway Station, where Talip Ünal was serving for the funeral of his relatives.

Explaining his feelings by making a short speech at the ceremony, TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun said, “Talip Ünal appreciates everyone's appreciation. kazanHe was one of our exemplary administrators.” said.

As one of the most difficult days of the family of railroad stating that they are Fit, HT 35 year spent serving the life of the railways, YTT Garry Manager Talip Unal Bey, we are experiencing the deep sorrow of losing. In 1984, they successfully fulfilled all the tasks they undertook on the railroads they stepped into.

Especially during his duties as the Station Manager at Ankara Station and finally Ankara YHT Station, he represented our organization in the best way and appreciated everyone with the human relations he established with the personnel. kazanHe was one of our exemplary administrators.

I have a social personality that has duties in civil society organizations. God let us be heaven, space, heaven, we razıydık God Himself pleased with it. "He said.

After the speeches, the funeral of the deceased was sent off to Eskişehir in his hometown with the tears of prayers and railroads to be buried.

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