Survey for Tram in Konya

do tram cars for men and women in Turkey?
do tram cars for men and women in Turkey?

In order to separate trams for men and women in Konya, a digital signature campaign was launched by the Mescid Community of Selcuk. Community members who initiated the campaign expressed some problems in the use of public transport services and asked the authorities to take steps to solve these problems.

Abuse due to intensities

Trams, especially overtime start-end of the school, the time of school entry and exit said that the members of both men and women victimized the community, said: “The use of vehicles in this way increases the likelihood of sexual harassment of women in particular, and also cause men to suffer from the same situation and the privacy of the people zedelemektedir ”he said.

Women on a wagon Men on a wagon

Since a carriage of two trolleys, one of which was only assigned to women, could be assigned to men, the authorities requested that all trams be rearranged accordingly.

Contrary to our beliefs

People who do not comply with the religious beliefs of this type of transportation of the people and the freedom of beliefs and worship of the people who demand the right to be reformed as soon as possible to solve this problem in the campaign should be stressed that everyone should support.

An example is in Malatya

A group of female students studying at the Inonu University only requested the use of pink trambus in the city in the year 2017 was put into service. since the application started, especially women were satisfied.from yenihaber)

pink trambus
pink trambus


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