3D Pedestrian Crossing for Pedestrians in Kocaeli

kocaelide pedestrian pedestrian
kocaelide pedestrian pedestrian

2019 year was announced as aya Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year İç by the Ministry of Interior. While traffic fines for those who did not give priority to pedestrians were increased by 100 by the ministry, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality designed special pedestrian roads with 3 dimensions to create awareness of pedestrians in traffic.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the 3 pedestrian crossing application to increase the attention of the drivers for pedestrians and to ensure that pedestrians gain priority in traffic. The three dimensions in the project provide optical illusion with a different perception on the drivers. Pedestrian crossings are painted in three dimensions, allowing drivers to demonstrate the sensitivity they need to pedestrians. Drivers who come to the pedestrian crossing, which provides aesthetic appearance, first think that there is an elevation here, then slows down, then stops. The pedestrians are safer to cross with the vehicles standing.

The Ministry of Interior, 2019 to give priority to traffic in pedestrians and drivers to be sensitive to pedestrians. item has changed. With the change, traffic police or traffic lights in places where pedestrian or school passages are approaching some points to be paid attention. According to this, the drivers are warned once more by ground / ground markings, aiming to keep their attention to the top level, to slow down in these areas and to give pedestrians the first pass right. For this purpose, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality initiated a first in Kocaeli and launched 2918 pedestrian crossing in pilot areas.

Derince District Rıhtım Caddesi, Kocaeli, Turan Güneş Street and Gazanfer Bilge Boulevard were built as pilot regions in Kocaeli. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will continue the 3-sized pedestrian crossing routes will be important within the scope of the project.

Last October, the regulation passed by the Parliament, the priority given to the pedestrians in the fines imposed on vehicle drivers increased by one hundred percent. 235 pounds 488 pound deducted. As of January, 2019 was raised to 604 liras. In addition to punishment, drivers are penalized with 20 Points.

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