Mobile Office Service Started in Kocaeli Metropolitan

mobile office service started in big city
mobile office service started in big city

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department launched a new service to meet the increasing demands in the travel card unit. The Mobile Office project, which was developed to support the services in the card unit, started its activities. In addition to the existing fixed service offices, the project has been developed with the purpose of on-site service. The first studies are carried out in Karamürsel district.

The enclosed caravan is provided with a solar panel mounted on the electricity need. In addition, the caravan led lighting, 2 pcs serving table, sitting group, internet connection and air conditioning. Computers, printers and card printing machines were installed in the caravan for travel cards and KOBIS units.

With the Mobile Office caravan, the mobile application of the Mobile Office project was started from Karamürsel district. Located in the park of Karamürsel Pier Mobile Office Caravan 1 will serve the citizens in the place mentioned during the week.

In particular, it is aimed to reduce the student card densities experienced by the schools when they start education. 3 is the number of KOBIS stations spreading throughout Kocaeli despite the intensive interest and satisfaction of our citizens. After the completion of the stage project, 2019 will have a total of 70 stations. For this purpose, a service desk was prepared for KOBİS card transactions in the Mobile Office caravan. The Mobile Office caravan will serve in the coastal regions during the summer and will provide instant services to the places needed in the 12 district of Kocaeli.

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