KOBIS is at the service of citizens with its renewed system

kobis is in the service of citizens with renewed system
kobis is in the service of citizens with renewed system

KOBİS (Kocaeli Bicycle Transportation System) Project, which is implemented by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, attracts great attention. The project started in Izmit Center, 5. In the year 12 spread to the county. New generation stations of KOBIS were introduced by the Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu. 12 is used in the town and the first day since the citizens used great interest in the KOBIS 35 new generation station was established while the other stations were completely renewed.

Seka Park KOBIS Palmiye station located next to the station promotional program Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, Deputy Secretary General Gökmen Mengüç, Head of Public Transport Salih Kumbar, Youth and Sports Department Head Ali Bilgi, branch managers and citizens attended.

Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, pointed out that KOBİS is an environment-friendly transportation vehicle. Aracı The bicycle is both a health and an important means of transportation. Our goal is to create awareness within the city with KOBIS. We are trying to meet the transportation needs of our citizens by using bicycles. Transportation by bicycle is both important and efficient. I wish our renewed SME stations will be beneficial to our citizens. Yen After his speech, Mayor Karaosmanoğlu visited the Kent Card Mobile Office.

Kocaeli Smart Bike System ara KOBİS ini was established in 2014 in order to facilitate access to the city, to establish nourishing opportunities for public transportation systems, and to encourage the use of an environmental and sustainable transportation vehicle. In the first phase, the city center of Izmit city center was designed in an integrated manner and in various regions of the city, the 18 Smart Bike Station, 240 Unit Smart Parking Unit and 120 smart bike service was started.

In order to spread the X KOBİS mak project across Kocaeli, 3 stage work was started in 2018. 3. 2019 12 Piece new Smart Bike Station, 35 Piece Intelligent Parking Unit and 420 Smart Smart Bike were added in 262 County as of 70. With the new stations, KOBIS has started to serve in total with 864 smart bicycle station, 498 smart parking unit and XNUMX smart bicycle.

3. At the same time, technological innovations were made at the old stations of KOBIS. With these innovations; bicycles became more robust and aesthetic. GPS trackers were installed on each bike and their follow-up was facilitated. Thanks to RF ID and GPS technology, all the movements of the bicycle were made traceable in the system which became active by contacting the database. In addition, the new generation of bicycles with key lock system is also available.

On the other hand, KİOSK units and software were completely renewed. 61cm information screen and security camera were added at the top of KİOSK units. The new touch screen is a multi-function software that provides users with great convenience. New versions of the parking units have improved the safety of bicycles. With digital parking unit panels, cycling and return operations are further simplified.

KOBIS, 498 Smart Bike, 70 Station, 864 Bike Parking area. The 70 Station is located in Izmit, in commercial centers, in residential areas and in the transportation hubs, creating a network on bicycle paths. 3 offers different services such as system, member card, Kentkart and credit card. Bicycle lovers who want to use the smart bike system with Kentkart; rental 'kiosk' by clicking on the 'bike' button to complete the steps on the kiosk, then the system can rent a bicycle using the 4 digit password. The bicycle lovers who apply to the Travel Cards office in the Public Transportation Department within the exhibition can rent bikes from the parking unit at each station with the member cards they have received after signing the membership agreement.



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