Kayseri to Meet Electric Buses

kayseri meet electric buses
kayseri meet electric buses

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its transportation investments without slowing down. 6 electric bus was introduced by Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Çelik for a more comfortable transportation. President Steel, environmentally friendly, comfortable and quiet buses are one hundred percent domestic design, he said.

The new 18 meter electric bus 6 meter bus was introduced in front of the Kayseri World Trade Center.


Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Steel, the speech of the introduction of the mosque attacks in New Zealand touched on the death of the people who lost their lives and asked all the participants for Fatiha.

In his speech, 4 stated that they had made the roads called N can not be made in years gid and they opened the boulevards called ız Can not be opened ız. Thus, we have added half an hour to our citizens' lives every morning. Böylece

Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that the duty of the mayors was to increase the comfort of the city's inhabitants and that they were renewing the 135 bus with this understanding. President Steel, 0 emission of electric buses received, environmental, quiet economic and one hundred percent local design, stating, ci These buses will work in intensive lines, especially the City Hospital. His tests are in progress. 1 will be put into service within months X.

The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality met with steel, then the members of the press and the citizens for a while. President Çelik pointed out that the sound of the motor could not be felt in the bus and that these buses were more expensive than diesel and gasoline vehicles; but 1 / 7 saves money. President steel, electric buses 5,5-6 year, he added that pay off.



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