Kabataş The First Phase of the Seagull Project Commenced This Morning

kabatas marti's first stage of the project came into service this morning
kabatas marti's first stage of the project came into service this morning

Known as the Seagull Project, the construction of which started in July 2016 and later revised Kabataş The first phase of the Square and Transfer Center Project went into service this morning.

A ferry from İBB Şehir Hatları AŞ at 06.45 Kabataş He made his first flight from the Square and Transfer Center. Kabataş The ferry approaching the pier, took passengers waiting here and moved to the Islands. The second phase will start at 6:35 for the first time on weekdays and Saturdays, and 7:15 for the first time on Sundays and Holidays in the Adalar line, which is partially put into service due to the ongoing project. The last time of the line, which continues at certain intervals during the day, was determined as 22:45. In addition, 1:7 flight will be added to the Adalar line between April 21-15.

Kabataş In the Square and Transfer Center project, the design of the terminal building in the form of "Martı" was canceled. Terminal buildings will be constructed instead of the classical “Ottoman” structure. In the second stage of the project, the 32 thousand 500 square meter square will have 18 thousand 400 square meters of hard floor and 14 thousand 142 green areas.

In front of the piers on the square will be built 3 pieces terminal building. Under the square there will be 700 cars, 26 disabled vehicles and 95 bus underground parking lot with 2 floors. Parking lot 1. floor several shopping center, 2. There will also be a small bazaar.

When the terminal buildings and piers are completed, in addition to City Lines; engines, IDO and BUDO ships Kabataşwill be able to travel from. In addition, touristic ships will be able to drop and load passengers.

When the project is completed Kabataş Square; It will be a very important transfer center, where public transportation systems such as Sea Vehicles, Metro, Funicular, Tram, Bus will be integrated and the car park is located. Kabataş The Transfer Center will have a daily capacity of 240 thousand passengers.

Passengers departing from the ferry; 1kat descending from the square in the parking lot, the 2 floor descends from the parking lot with the funicular and Metro stations 2. reach The tramway can be mounted directly on the square. The second phase of the project is planned to be completed in October 2020.

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