İzmir Bay Will Be Reborn

izmir korfez reborn

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has taken another very important step for the giant project that will return the Gulf to its shape of 70-80 years ago. Preliminary preparations for the design of the 13.5-kilometer circulation channel to be opened on the north axis and the 2 natural life islands to be established with the materials from the bay have been completed. After the implementation projects to be delivered in October, it has been reported that İZSU will bid in stages and start scanning the channel.

Another important stage has been left behind in the "Izmir Bay and Port Rehabilitation Project", which was prepared to prevent the shallowing in the Gulf and reach the "swimmable Gulf" target. The company, which won the international consultancy tender of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, at the end of the 5-month study, the hydrodynamic modeling of the bay, the design of the circulation channel, the determination of the dredging method, the design of the recovery area and the natural habitats, the transfer of the dredging materials to the recovery area and the projecting and scanning to the natural habitats. completed the preliminary preparations including the transfer of materials. After this stage, the company will prepare the application projects according to the method approved by İZSU and deliver it to İZSU in October. İZSU will start the screening of the circulation channel by bidding in stages according to these projects.

What to do?
Within the scope of the studies carried out by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality IZSU General Directorate, 13.5 km long, 250 meter wide and 8 meter deep circulation channel (discharge channel) will be opened on the northern axis of the Gulf. Until the protection walls of the islands of the natural habitat are built, İZSU will start scanning its channel with mechanical dredging vessels and equipment. The scanned materials extracted from the bottom of the bay will be sent to the dubbed discharge platform and then to the 'recovery area' with trucks. The scanned material will be transferred to the dewatering ponds at the Recovery Area next to the Çiğli Waste Water Treatment Plant. Here, dewatered screening material will be used as top cover material in Harmandalı Landfill Storage Area and landscaping will be used in park gardens.

The materials scanned from the circulation channel will be transmitted to the recovery area and also the work will begin to create the island's protection structure with natural stones. Following the completion of the island protection structure, the transmission of the materials scanned from the circulation channel to the recovery area will be stopped and the scanned materials will be transferred to natural islands with mechanical and hydraulic dredging vessels and equipment.

Both the environment and the economy will win
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will carry out this study while TCDD General Directorate will carry out a scan channel on the southern axis of the Gulf with 12 kilometers, 250 meters wide and 17 meters and 22 million cubic meters. While the clean channel will be provided to the Gulf via the Navigation Channel to be opened along the South axis, the circulation channel to be formed on the North axis by the Metropolitan Municipality will increase the flow rate in this region. Water quality and biodiversity will be improved. With the natural islands to be created, birds and water creatures will contribute to the flora and fauna of the region. The habitat areas in European standards will be acquired in İzmir Bay. At the same time, the capacity of İzmir Port will increase and it will become the main port by starting to serve the new generation ships. The region and the country's economy will win.

When the project, which is carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and one of the world's largest ecological recycling projects, is completed, the Gulf will return to 70-80 years ago. Most importantly, with this project, a gulf which can be used in all social and sportive areas integrated with the sea will be presented to the people of Izmir, and İzmir's role in the Mediterranean will also be strengthened.

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