IETT and Medeniyet University Celebrated the Respect for Elderly with Various Activities

iett mourning week celebrated with various activities
iett mourning week celebrated with various activities

IETT and Medeniyet University in cooperation with the World Social Work Day and the Respect to the Elderly Week was celebrated with various activities.

The third Tuesday of March is celebrated as the World Social Work Day and the 18-24 March Week Week of Respect for the Elderly. In this context, IETT and Medeniyet University Social Services Department students who want to create awareness organized jointly. The event was held in Harem Peron Area. Prof. Dr. Hasan Özçelik, Vice Rector of Medeniyet University Dr. Yaşar Bülbül and the students studying at the Social Services Department of the University attended.

In his speech, İETT Deputy General Manager Hasan Özçelik said Müdür I would like to thank Medeniyet University, which has an idea about this beautiful event, and students who add meaning to this organization with their efforts. We are a society with a high social sensitivity. But along with technology and modern age, some of our traditional habits have been destroyed. The number of passengers we carry per day through our IETT 4 million. The passengers we carry are elderly, disabled and pregnant people. I think we can create a little more social awareness with these people. In this context, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the achievement of this event. Bu

Vice Rector of Medeniyet University Dr. Yaşar Bülbül stated the following in his speech: “One of the main goals of our university is to sign our social future. In this respect, our students have done a very valuable job in realizing our mission. We are working with our SOSYOPARK and Social Services department to be active in the social field with our projects. We, as İstanbullu, are also aware that IETT is an important factor and player in terms of social services. We came together with two friends in this project. We wish to continue this and similar projects. We would like to thank the General Manager of İETT for their support and support, we embrace our students who are in the kitchen of the business and we applaud them with pride. İ

Within the scope of the study carried out with reference to World Social Work Day; In the IETT bus, which was designed especially for the elderly and disabled people, and specially designed for this day, Medeniyet University Social Work Department students welcomed the elderly and disabled passengers as a helper during the travel with flowers. Passengers expressed that they were very surprised by the behavior of the students.



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