Kahramanmaraş 1st İrişkit Festival was Held at Yedi Kuyular Ski Center

heromaras iriskit festival seven wells were held in the ski resort
heromaras iriskit festival seven wells were held in the ski resort

Kahramanmaraş 1st İrişkit Festival was organized by the Presidency of the Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen and the Presidency of the Chamber of Butchers under the leadership of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality. At the Kahramanmaraş Traditional 1st İrişkit Festival held in Yedikuyular Ski Center, various treats such as egg irişkit, plain irişkit and Maraş Paça were served.

Governor of Kahramanmaraş Vahdettin Ozkan, Parliamentary Internal Commission and AK Party Kahramanmaras Deputy Celalettin Guvenc, Kahramanmaras Mayor Fatih Mehmet Erkoc and other interested parties attended the festival at the same time over the fire shot, halaylar withdrawn.

In the opening speeches of the program, Chairman of the Chamber of Butchers Mehmet Uyduran, Kahramanmaras Tradesmen and Artisans Union President Ahmet Kuybu made a speech.

Then the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaras Fatih Mehmet Erkoç, Yedikuyular Ski Center has become a meeting point for people now, he said.

In his speech, Chairman Erkoç: “Now Yedikuyular has become the meeting center of the region. Yedikuyular, which has become the social equipment of approximately 15 million people, makes a very important contribution to Turkish tourism.

We are now ready to welcome our guests in Yedikuyular even outside our dorm even Turkey. Kahramanmaraş now receives more than tourism. Yedikuyu our thousands of people from various provinces in Turkey to visit our Ski Center. This creates an economic wealth in Kahramanmaraş.

For this reason, we would like to thank all of our colleagues who contributed to this event, and other chamber presidents, Ahmet Kuybu, for the organization of this festival.

A city has to have gastronomy to take a share of the tourism cake. It is very difficult and difficult to get a share of tourism without gastronomy. Kahramanmaraş gastronomy is also very rich.

In order to get enough share of tourism from smokeless industry, we tried to create areas that will attract people's attention in winter and summer. The most important is the Yedikuyular Ski Center. We have created a center on Adrenalin sports in Kapıçam. Recently we've also made Turkey's largest organizations with Orienteering Federation. We also support tourism in Kahramanmaraş with museums.

Kahramanmaraş has three main strengths. One of them is the hero of the Independence struggle, the city with the torch. For him, we made the Independence Panorama Museum and hundreds of thousands of people visited there.

Kahramanmaras is the leading city in Turkish literature. Necip Fazil, Nuri Pakdil'lerin, Rasim Özdenören'lerin city. We crowned it with a literary museum. We got the best museum in the world about Kahramanmaraş. Dede Korkut A museum in which all kinds of works with literary value are exhibited to date.

The most important product in our gastronomy is ice cream. Represent Turkey in the world. We built a museum about him. These are our strengths. We didn't do this randomly. From the beginning we have planned them. Everybody was curious about the Sütçü İmam, literature and ice cream. Another strong side is iris. The abandonment of our Kahramanmaraş. When autumn comes, everyone talks with butchers. Just like tarhana, there is such a habit in Kahramanmaraş since the past. I hope this festival is heard all over the world. Of course we do not call a sausage call irishkit. We've been saying that since we were kids. This is the name in the literature, which has already come from history. God willing, these flavors are recognized all over the world, İn he said.

Then, Celalettin Güvenç, the Speaker of the Internal Affairs Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, thanked Mr. Fatih Mehmet Erkoç, Mayor of Kahramanmaraş Municipality, for his contributions to the olarak Yedikuyular Ski Center aş. I ask our cameraman friends. Let them take the background and the whole world can see it this way. Even though it is the end of March, we still expect all ski lovers to ski at Yedikuyular Ski Center with the profit of 2. Mart

The stands were visited after the speeches. Halaylar jumped over the burned fire.

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