Going to Giresun Castle by Cable Car

giresun castle with cable car will exit
giresun castle with cable car will exit

Giresun gets the cable car. At the end of the 6 years of work, the company has signed a contract with the Chinese company to finance the project.

Giresun Mayor Kerim Aksu gave a good news to Giresun residents with a press conference

The meeting was held at the Zoning Directorate Meeting Hall, attended by Chinese Finance Company's Project Officers Chang Xuan, Project and Producer Company Officer Yurthan Gönül and Company Director Cevdet Erkmen.

Mr. Aksu gave information about the project at the meeting. '' 5-6 has been struggling to solve the project development and permit issues. Our ropeway Project has finally come to an end. First of all, I would like to welcome the representatives of the company we are together with and will provide financing. Talking about the project; We will provide financing from China. The project will pay itself and will not bring an extra burden on our municipality. We analyzed the feasibility study and technical issues. The ropeway will be built between Gemiler Çekeği Mahallesi and Kale. At the bottom of the station there will be a restaurant cafeteria and a view terrace. After this project is completed, we will work in Gedikkaya, Adatepe and Hasan Hill. Approximately 50 will provide a significant contribution to Giresun's economy and tourism. This project Giresun'a say good luck. ''


Project Responsible Yurthan Gönül; '' I would like to thank the Mayor who worked day and night for this project. Earlier we had made a cable car to Ordu as a company. Today, it contributed to the development of the city as well as to the increase in tourism. The same goes for Giresun. We are planning to make the cable car project in 2 year. The project is planned to pay itself. 5 All revenues will remain in Giresun Municipality after the year. In the first place, 10 will work with the cabin and provide a proven security system in the world. When the project is completely completed, the city will gain a different identity. Thank you to those who contributed, '' he said.

Project Finance Officer Chang Xuan, who came from China to examine the final stage of the project, stated that as a company, they provided more resources than 200 ropeway project. '' We provide the financing of this project as a company. I like Giresun as a city and I am sure that this project will make significant contributions to Giresun. We will fund the project from Chinese funds and banks. I would like to thank the Mayor Kerim Aksu, who made special efforts to bring this important project to Giresun. '' He said.



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