Gebze Halkalı Are There Missing Lines in Marmaray Line? Here are the worries


Gebze Halkalı Are There Missing Lines in Marmaray Line? Here's what we're curious about: Gebze, which has been undergoing renovation works in 2013 and has been integrated with Marmaray, which is supposed to be opened in 2015.Halkalı The Marmaray line opens today after almost full 4 annual delay. Despite the annual delay of 4 warns that experts are missing even in many important. Despite all these warnings, the opening will be held today by President Erdoğan.

Gebze closed in 2013 Halkalı the suburban line will be opened by President Erdoğan today after the 4 annual delay.

However, the 4 is still experiencing many significant shortages despite the annual delay.

Unions of the Union of Transportation Workers, Marmaray's Gebze, indicating that the surface lines of the Marmaray Project will be opened for the show before the test and certification process Halkalı He warned that opening up the case with this condition would result in impossible consequences.


76 March 1 was started on 2019 March 10 for the purpose of obtaining certification for the Marmaray Project, except for 2019 kilometers (except Ayrılıkçeşmesi-Kazlıçeşme).

2013 13,6 line of service, working in the machinists who have enough knowledge and experience, although the new 63 kilometer line inclination, platform, signal, scissor places do not have enough information about the way they need to be subject to experience. In order to work on the 76 kilometer of the Marmaray project, the 90 units taken from İş-Kur are assigned to the accidents by assigning their training and road experiences without fulfilling the requirements. Considering that the profession of the mechanic is a profession which must be done together with the professional technical knowledge and experience, it is foreseen that there will be serious problems.

  • Each of the 6 desks, which are required by the project at the OCC command center, must have 7 Train Traffic Control. While a total of 42 Train Traffic Controllers should be employed, this number has not yet been completed, and Train Traffic Controller personnel have been assigned to other units.
  • Since it is envisaged to run both Marmaray trains and main line trains on the same line, for some trains that will work with ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), the signal sight distance is too short at some points and it is insufficient for the braking distance determined by regulations.
  • The communication system of CBTC (Communications Based Train Control), which is the operating system of Marmaray trains, is not yet fully operational.
  • OCC Command center display frequently and frequently lost train losses. In other words, trains running on the line do not appear on the Traffic Controller screen from time to time.
  • Halkalı, There are no scissor motors in Gebze and some stations with automatic motor scissors.


Veysel Akbayer, branch secretary of the Unified Transport Trade Union (1), said in his statement on the subject that at least 3 month is needed for the opening of the line.

“I'm an 35 yearly machinist, I'm working on this line, X said Akbayer.HalkalıWe do not know the exact location of the signals and scissors on the route between the road. There is a need for an 3 month for the line to be ready Hatt.

The opening of the checks before the completion of the checks and the missing of the missing, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) other train accidents in mind brings to mind:

  • 17 Accelerated train crash in Pamukova, where 2004 died in July 41
  • 11 2004 in August 8 is a Rabbit-like train crash
  • 28 Kütahya train crash that killed 2008 in January 9
  • 27 2009 5 died in the Republic Express accident
  • 8 July 2018 on the 25 killed a person in Corlu train crash
  • 13 December Ankara YHT train accident where 2018 people were killed on 9

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