Gebze Halkalı Will the Commuter Line Rival the 500T?

gebze ring is a subway line tye rival
gebze ring is a subway line tye rival

Gebze Halkalı the suburban train line opened with the mechanic of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, 19 days before the local elections. While the lines and praises about the line were continuing, we observed the situation from one end of the line to the other.

Gebze opened with the promise of 'relieving' transportation in Istanbul Halkalı the suburban line connects the two sides with the 43 stop. The line that was opened half a century ago was closed in 2013, and the date of the permanent deferred opening ended as 2019 March. 75 long-distance commuter train, 98 mileage '500T' (Tuzla Şifa Mahallesi-Cevizliit is not known if the rivalry is a rival, but the number of passengers is not comparable yet. The 87 stopover 500T continues to T set up a throne ünde in the hearts of Istanbulites.

Before or after the local elections, we wanted to enter the suburbs from Yenikapı, which is one of the most frequently used and densest points of Istanbul. Everything seemed to be the same in Yenikapı, one of the existing stations of Marmaray, until the turnstiles Marmar

When we read İstanbulkart, we found that the 5 lira 20 penny decreased. Under the normal conditions 2 60 full ticket XNUMX penny should be, security staff, such as Marmaray'in return to the system returned to the BRT. Even if you have entered the middle of the suburban line, you can pay the highest amount you can pay on the station basis, and the return machines will give you a refund based on the number of destinations.

Halkalı We started our journey by taking the direction. However, there was a fresh fear in us; 'What if an accident happened?'… While the pain was still deep for Çorlu and Ankara train accidents that had not been more than a year, we were thinking that 'we would be nice' in a crowded population like Istanbul, then the train came and we got on by saying 'Bism ...'. (Şebnem Babat - Newspaper)

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