Gebze Halkalı Commuter Line 11 Opened on Daily Test Drive

gebze ring-type suburban line
gebze ring-type suburban line

Gebze-Halkalı Expeditions on the Commuter Train Line started with a number of problems. We also made a trip with Sadik Kis, Branch President of BTS Istanbul 1 to observe the problems in the hastily opened line due to local elections. Short, ta 1 started the test in March, 12 opened in March. The real annoyance here, As he said

According to the news of Uğur Şahin from Birgün, Gebze-Halkalı The first day on the Commuter Train Line started with problems. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), although its charge six different types according to the number of stops, some of the citizens, could not get the fees refunded.

While 5.70 wage was cut for short distance, students were paid 1.25 TL wage instead of 2.70 TL. Meanwhile, the machines, 'no return fees' warning. Many people, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) attached to the White Table was exposed to complaints.


But all this was the 'visible' face of the problems. In spite of all the high risk warnings, the line was opened due to 'local elections'. Even if the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) states that there are deficiencies as technical and trained personnel, the signal visibility is too short and there are no scissor motors at some stations.

We, together with Sadık Kısa, Head of Branch BDS İstanbul 1, Gebze-Halkalı We met to observe the problems at the Commuter Train Line. We took the train to Gebze from Ayrılık Fountain station.

20 years working as a civil servant in TCDD Short, "Banners 10 March, the opening of the opening, but two days after the 12 opened in March," he said. T There are even serious risks,, he says. “There were train losses on the boards in the control center, and the problems were very much solved. Devam

Short, the line test drive 1 March, recalling that, continues: “1 began in March, the test, 12 opened in March. It's strange opening the train on the 11 daily test drive. The real trouble lies here. The train had to go to the 2-3 moon at least for the month to be empty. Of course, this increases the risk. Tabii

Short, Gebze-Halkalı The first day of the suburban train also conveys the problems: ıy I went to Maltepe to observe the first day. The train stopped ahead, not at the part where the passengers were waiting. This caused a large human burden. People exhibited dissatisfaction. The 5-6 minute signal is also attached to the Fener Road. . Someone, 'would expect 5 minutes,' he called out the discussion there. The other, '5 minutes to wait what happens' he said. The other one 'We 6 year waited this line, how long we will wait,' he said.


Oldu We've done so much warning, but unfortunately we couldn't listen, “concludes Short.” In the last 15, 5 was a big fatal accident. Despite this, I see the following logic in a hurry opening: The caravan is flattened on the road. But not with this logic. This is an institution that carries life. We have seen the results of these in the past, we have seen. Pamukova accident, such as… Running friends are also anxious. They say, 'This is our bread boat, do not tool for the selection of trains.' Turn on the 6 month late, let it open smoothly. Late, no power, we said no lives. That was our problem. Bizim


According to the transfer of Sadık Kısa, the shortcomings in the line are as follows:

* Machinists' training is inadequate and few in number.
* Employees of the control center also lack training and do not recognize the line.
* The warehouses in Pendik and Maltepe were not opened.
*Halkalı No scissor engines at such points. This has to be done manually, manually.
* The number of employees in other units is not enough.

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