"Girls Can Do It" Event at Fraport Antalya Airport

fraport at antalya airport
fraport at antalya airport

The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality organizes the ege Girls Can Do It, event in order to raise awareness of the active participation of girls in the male-dominated professional groups with the cooperation of Fraport TAV Antalya Airport. President Menderes Türel, who introduced the project to the press, said, hayat We are always with our women and we support them in their active business life. Yes, girls can do it, Evet he said.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality held a press conference about the event. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel, Fraport TAV Antalya Airport General Manager Gudrun Teloeken, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Sanem Ozturk, women working in various professional groups of the Metropolitan Municipality, Aksu Cihadiye Middle School women students from the pilot school participated in the project. Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, in his speech under the auspices of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, with the support of Fraport TAV Antalya Airport 11 March 2019 14.00-17.30 between the Fraport Antalya Airport M Girls can also! / Girls Can Do It! Liği said.

Aim to create awareness
Türel stated that the aim of the project is to raise awareness of the fact that girls can be actively involved in occupational groups such as technicians, pilots, chauffeur-trainer, and occupational groups, which are normally introduced as grup male-dominated enc professions, and to lead the way for female students to be directed to these occupational groups. President Türel, the long-term goal of the project, "Future generations in the minds of the sexes united with the demolition of gender roles and also who want to choose technical professions, for this, not only as a rise in business life, but also to educate generations who can make conscious in education," he explained.

Receive information from female employees
Mayor Menderes Türel gave the following information about the project: “For this reason, at the first stage, the girls of the airport staff aged 12 and over, and only 12 girls aged 20 and over from Aksu - Cihadiye Secondary School will be included in this project. Thus, female students will be able to get information from female employees employed in occupational groups promoted as male dominants, ask them questions that they are wondering easily and be encouraged to be directed to these professions. ”

Türel said that they aim to expand the project further by increasing the number of stakeholders in the years to come, and said “A group of women from Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, consisting of drivers, parents, firefighters and landscape architects, will provide information to girls on their own professions within the scope of the project. Proj

We always stand by our women
Mayor Menderes Türel said, kadınlar We are always with our women as a power and understanding by writing constitutional amendments to our constitution for our women. We do not support our participation in active business life. What we're trying to do is make the best of it. I've been running this meeting in an intense election campaign. This is an indication of the importance we give to this subject. Yes, girls can do / Girs can do it, s he said.

Girls deserve the same chance
Overall the Director Gudrun Teloek project stakeholders Fraport TAV Antalya Airport, the 15-64 aged female population in Turkey, only noting that part of the workforce of the 34 percent, the average 63 percent rate of female employment in the OECD countries that

drew attention. Gudrun Teloek that, in Turkey Noting that 12-19 5 million girls aged "girls' ability to determine the child deserve the same chance as men to create their preferences accordingly. At the airport, we have pilots, technicians and staff in different fields. These are great chances for girls. With this event, we want to expand opportunities and open new paths for them. Bu
President Menderes Türel gave a gift to AŞT theater and various gifts to female students from Aksu Jihadiye Middle School.

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