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Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, their hearts are in Tarsus kazanyeast continues. Adding a new one to his thousands of services to Tarsus, Mayor Kocamaz opened the Vefa Bridge, whose construction was completed. President Kocamaz, who has turned 25 years in service, is another bridge of heart to Tarsus, where he was greeted with cheers. kazannagged.

The opening of the Tarsus Vefa Bridge Democrat Party Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Ayfer Yilmaz, BEST Party Mersin Deputy Zeki Hakan Sıdalı, GOOD Party Tarsus Mayor Candidate Esin Erkoç, GOOD Party Provincial and Provincial organization members and a large number of Tarsuslu attended.

Chairman Kocamaz said, l The person who works in the ayiah does not look at him Başkan

Tarsus Mayor of the Municipality of Tarsus to make a bridge, even the money does not have enough money to start his speech by the Mayor of Mersin Burhanettin Kocamaz, olduğ Where did we come from? We took a drowned, exhausted municipality from the pit. And in the 20 year period, I delivered the richest municipality on the basis of area and population and went to Mersin. State language lettering. They will open files, the citizen examines, everyone sees everything. I asked friends about the last time we were going. We've started counting, we've built 41 bridges. In the past, people used to pass through the thin water pipe passing over the canal without falling off. There was a bridge over this Berdan. There was also a historic stone bridge in the waterfall. We had to pre-register the vehicles to get there. At the point we came today, we turned the Beydeğirmeni Bridge into a boulevard just like here. The number of bridges that we have made is really only on Berdan's 4. We will build another bridge in the dam. We've got him too hard on him. We're going to eliminate the trouble in the dam. Crossing bridges will be different. Let her speak to whoever she talks to. Ayinesi business person can not be looked at, iştir he said.

”Burhanettin Kocamaz has the signature under the biggest projects“

Underlining that they have completed countless projects in Tarsus and Mersin and their dreams about Tarsus have not finished yet, President Kocamaz said, ın Until yesterday, ve I am the father of the rich father. It left me a very big legacy, '' he said today unfortunately the people entering the political scene, disloyalty comes to the forefront of the mouth can say the best. But the people of Tarsus know what is. Burhanettin Kocamaz has the signature under the biggest projects in this city. Of course we have a lot of work to do. One of our biggest dreams was to open both sides of Berdan and make it a center of attraction for Çukurova. Bizim

”Hopefully we will increase the number of bridges that will bring lovers together“

Another dream is to shorten the distance between the D400 highway and the Berdan river. Sözler Normally, D400 arrives at 53 from the highway to the sea. Two projects were prepared. When the curves and meanders are shortened, one of them will reach the sea at 18 kilometers. The other one will reach the sea at 22. This is one of my other dreams. The area where that Karabucak Forest was located was Regma Lake and it was a lagoon. Cleopatra came to Tarsus from that lagoon and met Antony. I hope that God Almighty gives life, I hope that together with Mr. Ayfer Yilmaz again to bring the lovers of those bridges, we increase the amount of roads. God willing, he brings the pond down to the lower side of Tarsus as a marina, Caneb-i Allah to use as a marina, '' he said.

“We don't deal with small things may

In his speech, President Kocamaz said, olm We do the works that should be done both in Mersin and in Tarsus. We don't deal with little things. We have reached the atmosphere of love, peace, tolerance and brotherhood that we have reached in Tarsus in Mersin. Let those who want to separate us from each other to give misery and mischief. God Almighty Allah to walk all the way to the future and a thousand years of brotherhood to continue for many thousand years. Today, the bridge that we opened today would be beneficial to Tarsus, I would like to use it without any accident. Bugün

After the speeches, President Kocamaz opened the bridge by cutting the ribbon with the members of the protocol.

The bridge connecting the hearts; The Vefa Bridge

The Vefa Bridge, which connects Fahrettin Pasha District and Kavaklı Neighborhood via 2485 street, has a cost of 3 million 750 thousand TL. Within the scope of the new bridge project with 48 length and 20 width, 873 tone hot asphalt work, 1150 square keystone and 1350 square curb slab and pavement construction were completed and the bridge was equipped with modern lighting systems. The Metropolitan Municipality offered a more qualified structure to the service of Tarsus.

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