Semi-Cost Concrete Roads from Eskişehir Metropolitan

Eskisehir Buyuksehirden Half Cost Concrete Roads
Eskisehir Buyuksehirden Half Cost Concrete Roads

Since the materials used in the asphalt pavement come from abroad and are expensive, the 'Concrete Road' application initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in İnönü and received a positive result will be implemented in the main artery of the 30 kilometer in Tepebaşı District of Seyitgazi District with the 9 kilometer. For the investment to be implemented at half the cost of the asphalt road, with the request of President Büyükerşen, the teams accelerated the infrastructure works on the designated roads.

Turkey's attempted and successful results obtained in various cities 'Concrete Road' application Inonu and positive results starting in the Metropolitan Municipality, this practice is spreading to the rural county road across the province. From the center of Seyitgazi District, covering a distance of 30 in the first place Cevizli-Bardakçı - Hankaraağaç - Gökçekuyu Neighborhood, the main artery road becomes a concrete road. In order to increase the width of the road from 5 meters to 7 meters, the infrastructure work was accelerated on the route where concrete will be applied.

Saying that they will complete this route as soon as possible by request from the citizens of Seyitgazili Metropolitan Mayor Yilmaz Buyukersen ehir Instead of the asphalt we have taken abroad by giving foreign exchange, we entered a period where we would prefer the concrete route with half the cost. We made his first experiments in İnönü and we had good results. We will extend the concrete road application which will be more economical and will be more durable and will be more economical by reducing the dependence on foreign countries. In addition, after the 30 kilometers to be carried out in Seyitgazi, we will start the work at Hatboyu-3 Street which connects Fevzi Çakmak Neighborhood to Hasanbey-Yıldırım Farm-Cumhuriyet-Gökdere Neighborhoods. This year, we will make our way through this concrete road, Bu he said.

As it is more durable, economical and durable than asphalt, and because it requires less maintenance during use, the Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the concrete roads were preferred, and before the road construction, infrastructure works were carried out to provide passageways under the road. Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams ekonomik Our aim is to spread concrete roads that are more technically and economically superior to rural main artery roads. In the coming period, we will implement the concrete road application at many different points ın.



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