Vehicle Parking Starts in the Old Garage

car parked in the old garage
car parked in the old garage

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality started work on the Old Garage area of ​​the parking lot arrangement for a thousand 500 vehicles approaching the end of the car park began. Citizens will be able to park their vehicles on the 24 watch for free.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality began to use the completed points in the Old Garage where the area started to work as an outdoor car park and a marketplace in order to meet the parking needs of the city. Manisa Metropolitan City Council MHP Group Vice President Mehmet Güzgülü the thousand 500 car parking area found investigations. Citizens use the parking area for free 24 hours indicating that Güzgülü, to ensure the circulation of the vehicle after the 24 hour began to charge.

Work Continues
Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, continues to work in the area of ​​Old Garage. Citizens parked their vehicles in the area where there are signs of parking and they continue to work on the other hand. It is reported that the works will be completed soon and the Old Garage area will start to serve as full capacity.



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