First Lady Erdoğan Loaded to Gaziantep Card with Waste Bottle

emine erdogan has uploaded a card to gaziantep
emine erdogan has uploaded a card to gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin as a special invitation to the city's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's wife Emine Erdogan, the first time used Waste Waste Recycling Automata. Erdogan throwing plastic bottles to Wastematic, Gaziantep Card loaded points.

Under the auspices of the President's spouse Emine Erdoğan, Büyükşehir established a waste disposal system at various points in the city within the scope of the project. Yesterday, Gazi City, Emine Erdogan, who left alone to leave the city's Mayor Fatma Sahin and Secretary General Sezer Cihan gave information about the Waste Automatic Recycling Machine. Erdoğan, who uses the wastes, was affected by the system introduced.

Erdoğan, who uses the wastes, wishes Fatma Şahin, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, to raise awareness of his oluşturan Eco-Friendly Gaziantep X identity in the 31 March Local Elections.

On the other hand, taking information from the authorities on the Oguzeli Center Biogas Plant Emine Erdogan, animal waste will be evaluated by the production of electricity will contribute to the national economy, he added.

Metropolitan Municipality, to be placed in various points of the city to be recycled waste by the waste automaton will be collected by adding points to Gaziantep Cards. Planning to place 20 waste vending machine throughout the province, the Metropolitan was able to attract attention with its environmental sensitivity.



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