Visit to TÜVASAŞ by Educators

educators visit tuvasasa
educators visit tuvasasa

Within the framework of the program gözlem Access to information from primary sources of information, on-the-spot observation, gaining experience and ensuring permanent learning ”implemented by the Ministry of National Education; A study group consisting of administrators and teachers of Sakarya Provincial Directorate of National Education visited TÜVASAŞ.

The program, including TÜVASAŞ managers, Dr. In Metin Yerebakan training hall, following the presentation of TÜVASAŞ promotional film and the company, production units were completed and the information exchange was completed.

During the presentation of the working group, the Deputy Director General Dr. Dr. Yakup KARABAĞ stated that all aspects of life in our education system and integration with the application life are necessary and satisfactory development and they are ready to help for all kinds of training activities.



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