Dilovası Opened at the West Junction Introductory Program

dilovasi west interlaced with an introduction program
dilovasi west interlaced with an introduction program

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has organized arrangements at the West Junction to relieve the entrances of Dilovası city center. In the framework of the works, additional arms and bridges were created at the junction and connections were provided. The 3 pieces in the project were also completed. Metropolitan Municipality teams working day and night in the past week, finishing the work done with the finishing touches. Dilovası West Interchange was opened to public with the promotion program organized. After the publicity program, Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, visited the project area with the citizens.

Dilovası West Interchange held in the program Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Kocaeli Deputy Cemil Yaman, Dilovası Governor Mustafa Asim Alkan, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General İlhan Bayram, Dilovası Mayor Ali Toltar, Deputy Secretary General Alaeddin Alkaç, Ak Parti Dilovası Mayor Candidate Hamza Şayir , Ak Party Dilovası District Chairman Osman Akbulut, MHP Dilovası District President Ali Osman Ayaz, protocol and citizens participated.

President Karaosmanoğlu, who spoke in the publicity program, said: 'The rising value of our Kocaeli province In Dilova, we are experiencing the importance of realizing an important service. With this investment, considering the intensive industrialization in the region, the standard of the road has been raised and traffic safety is ensured with uninterrupted transportation. This route is one of the most important traffic arteries in our country, it provides connection of Istanbul to Anatolia and also integrates the intensive industrial zones. This road and the intersections on every day of the year, 24 hourly heavy traffic, especially to serve the heavy vehicle. With the introduction of our West Junction, traffic safety has been increased to a higher level, and with the reduction of the emission emission by saving maintenance and operating costs, it has also contributed to the national economy. For this reason, I would like to thank all my colleagues who have contributed. Bu

Mayor Karaosmanoğlu ü We hope that we will realize the urban transformation of Dilovası with our government and especially the regions close to the industry. So we're going to move these areas up. This urban transformation will be with you. Despite the public, nothing will be done, we will take every decision with our people. We have done with our people what we have done so far. Before that, we will always try to make our cities more livable and will continue to do so. This is our problem. This is the issue of our President. Cumhur

Before the West Interchange, Dilovası D-100 stated that there were frequent problems at the entrance of Kocaeli MP Cemil Yaman. Not only this place was stuck in the stalls of the Eynerce Junction in 1996 and was idly waiting. Metropolitan Municipality has also put there and now the situation has brought. With this project, the entrances will be made more comfortably. Mr. Dilovası made all the contributions of our president, '' he said.

Speaking in the introductory program, the Mayor of Dilovası Ali Toltar said: anlayış In our understanding, the most benevolent person is the one who is useful to man. When we look at the last 15 year of Dilovası, it has shown a great development with its infrastructure and superstructure. We have no street and no street, no street and no street. Natural gas has reached the 92 of our district. We have no village without natural gas. The entrance of our district was further relaxed with the western junction where we are now. We would like to thank our Mayor Mr. İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu for his great efforts in bringing many such services to our district Bu.

Feverish work was carried out at Dilovası West Junction, one of the most important transportation projects implemented in Kocaeli. Additional studies were carried out at the West Junction in Dilovası to provide TEM and D-100 connections. As part of the project, the 3 pieces bridge including Dilderesi was completed. Within the scope of the project, 15 thousand tons of asphalt paving was also carried out. The teams completed the production of electrical lighting poles while pedestrian and guardrails were completed.

With the new work, the entrance and exits of the district will be relieved. With the study, new bridges and intersection arms were formed. With the project coming from the west of Gebze and want to go to Dilovası vehicles entering the industrial center without entering the district center will be provided. Within the scope of the project, which has been revised for the entrance of Dilovası, 70 thousand cubic meters were excavated and 4 thousand meters long storm line was laid. In addition, 63 prefabricated beams were manufactured.

The vehicles that want to go to D-100 Istanbul from Dilovası district center will be able to participate directly with the project. Within the scope of the project, the entrance and exit of the vehicles entering the Dilovası district center on the D-100 Highway will be organized. The D-100 highway will provide direct entry and exit to the D-XNUMX highway without using industrial roads.

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