New Traffic to Breaths to Denizli


One of the new investments in the transportation area of ​​Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, 30 Meter, was completed and opened to traffic. Yeni Cadde will provide the connection between Izmir Boulevard and 29 October Boulevard and will make traffic of Örnek Street, Ahi Sinan Street and Merkezefendi Street even more streamlined.

New Street, which will make a great contribution to reducing the traffic density of the Metropolitan Municipality, which has put into service one by one the investments that will make the transportation problem a thing of the past in Denizli, was opened to traffic. Along with its side roads, the double lane bridge, which is about 2 meters long and 30 meters wide, which connects the 2 sides of the New Street, which is 40 km long and 16 meters wide, has also been completed. Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan examined the road opened to traffic and visited the citizens here for a while. sohbet did. Deputy Secretary General Ali Aydın, Head of Science Department Nuriye Çevni and accompanying staff accompanied Mayor Osman Zolan. In his statement, Mayor Osman Zolan said, “Since we took office, we have carried out many projects in order to ease transportation in our Denizli and to make our people reach their homes and workplaces more easily. We opened crossroads, intersection arrangements, a traffic management system and many new streets and boulevards. We have created a sustainable, foldable transportation area without causing traffic congestion, ”he said.

We've split heavy traffic into two

Noting that they completed the New Street today and opened it to traffic, Mayor Osman Zolan said, “There was a road starting from the Old Zahire Bazaar to the back of the hospital and from there to Özay Gönlüm Boulevard and there was a jam in this area. This congestion sometimes reached upper dimensions. We looked for alternatives to solve it and find solutions. For those who want to go to 29 Ekim Boulevard from where our Old Zahire Bazaar is, we planned a road axis that reaches Tekden Hospital. There were 53 buildings on this road, and we expropriated them and we opened a 30 meter wide road. The length of this road is over 1300 meters. Our bridge connecting the two sides of the street is 40 meters long. In this way, we will ensure that our citizens coming from Izmir Boulevard will exit to 29 Ekim Boulevard. In this way, the use of the road behind the hospital will be relaxed. We have divided heavy traffic into two. Thus, both behind the hospital and Özay Gönlüm Boulevard will be relieved. Good luck to our Denizli. "

Uninterrupted Transportation with New Street

Starting at the intersection of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's New Street project with 29 October Boulevard, 415 Street and the old Karcı road; It will be connected to the Ahi Sinan junction, between the İlbade Cemetery and the old Zahire Bazaar, at the intersection of the sample street and Ahi Sinan Street. When the New Street project is completed, the route between 29 October Boulevard and the old Zahire Market will be connected. The new road, which will start from the Old Zahire Market, will continue behind Tekden Hospital, and will provide uninterrupted transportation to 29 October Boulevard. With the project, the traffic density between İzmir Bulvarı and Sümer Mahallesi will be reduced, and transportation in Merkezefendi and Örnek streets will be relieved.



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