Turkish-Kazakh Cooperation in Railway Sector

Turkish tourism in the Turkish rail sector
Turkish tourism in the Turkish rail sector

The delegations of the Turkish Railways and the General Directorate of TCDD Transport met with the aim of increasing the transportation and making new collaborations on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway Line and Trans-Caspian International Transport route.

The General Directorate of Turkish Railways, Sauat Mynbayev and TCDD General Manager of Transportation, Erol Arıkan chaired the sessions.

Erol Arıkan; ”BTK and Trans Caspian Carriage Route is a very important opportunity for railway administrations“

General Director of TCDD Transportation Erol Arıkan; BTK and the Trans-Caspian Transportation Route He stressed that a very important opportunity for Turkey and railway administrations, "in transport will take place from China to Europe the use of these routes will allow rapid and economic progress to be transported," he said. Arikan, "said they did not want the moment to return empty containers from Kazakhstan to Turkey are working to increase supply in this sense," he said. General Manager Arikan, who mentioned that various demands are coming, and always the wage element in the transportation to be made by rail, can enter into other searches when the customer cannot find the expected price. To help our customers and to increase the operability of this corridor, we must first set up a common and reasonable remuneration policy. M

Sauat Mynbayev: "Shortest Time Required to Operate a train from China to Turkey"

Sauat Mynbayev Kazakhstan Railways General Manager of China and Central Asia via Turkey and the potential for rail shipments to Europe will be held, he said. Mynbayev; Malı It is possible to develop the potential; As soon as the need to start working regularly on a train from China to Turkey. This train can be increased once a week and the number of flights in the future. Bu

“We are ready for any kind of cooperation“

General Manager Mynbayev stated the importance of the continuation of the negotiations between the administrations and the fact that the communication sources are always open; “We are always there. It is our strong historical ties between Turkey and our administration to strengthen our relationships of all kinds are ready to cooperate, "he said.



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