The Dance of the Mechanic with the Wolves on the Rails


Very special images about TCDD mechanics dancing with a wolf on rails in East
The invitations of the machinists to remove them from the wolves were in vain. Kurt reads what he knows. Black train leans in front of nature; wormy Spring, especially in the western regions, warming hearts slowly warms itself with a life scream makes. In an environment where the beauty of the table is dominated by TCDD, u
Every place is covered with whitewash. The machinists first notice a blackout on the rails. This could pose a risk to cruise safety! Machinists, cautious Mak
Now the speed of the train is lowered. The blackout becomes clear; It's a wolf. The mechanics, the herd running away from the herd running on the rail warns with a horn, and "invite" to come out of the rail. Kurt doesn't say, "Are you with me?" He's not coming back. Makinistler, this time by removing the head out of the glass, is sounding. He doesn't respond. All the effort of the machinists is in vain Mak
The wolf is not leaving the tracks. The black train leans respectfully in front of nature. Kurt continues on his tracks. The respect of wildlife as well as the road safety of TCDD machinists is greatly appreciated (Habertürk)

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