Cable Technologies Center of Excellence in Çorlu

corluda cable technologies center of excellence
corluda cable technologies center of excellence

TÜDEP / HASUN Defense and Aviation Clustering and Trakya Development Agency in cooperation with the li High-Quality Conductors Cable and Wiring Technology Workshop UN was held. The most important agenda of the Workshop was the establishment of the bilim Cable Excellence Center adem for industrial needs, which included industrialists, scientists and academicians from the cable and cabling industry, and managers of defense and aviation industry localization programs.

Namik Kemal University Corlu Engineering Faculty and program held at Technopark, Turkey's wire industrialists from various regions, cabling manufacturers, cable raw material manufacturers, cable equipment manufacturers, as well as NK Rector Dr. Mümin Şahin, Vice Rector and General Manager of NKUTEK Dr. Bülent Eker, Head of Industrial Settlement Platform in Aviation and Halit Tokel, TAI Board of Directors and THY Technical General Manager Adviser, General Secretary of Trakya Development Agency Mahmut Şahin, KOSGEB Director of Tekirdag Esin Sayın, Chairman of TÜDEP Murat Yetişgin, Kocaeli Unv. Dean of the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Dr. Muharrem Yilmaz, from the same Faculty Dr. Prof. Dr. Faruk Aras, Assoc. Dr. Nasir Coruh, NKU Corlu Eng. Fake. Dean Dr. Dr. Lokman H. Tecer, Member of the Board of Directors of TÜDEP Ahmet Erkoç, faculty members of the Corlu Faculty of Engineering and undergraduate and graduate students attended the seminar.

In the opening speech of the program, TÜDEP Chairman Murat Yetişgin emphasized the importance of cable manufacturers in the production, R & D and design of these cables by touching on the vital importance of high technology cables and cabling products, especially in military and civil areas. . He said that about 5 billion dollars a cable production volume YETİŞGİN President of Turkey, Turkey's global marketplace with more than 200 companies in the sector, stressing that there is a strong player. $ 300 billion of the world's market size cables and cabling then found that, Turkey can still told about development of export potential of these markets. The 2023 export target for 8 is around $ XNUMX billion, he said, adding that cable production for high value-added, R & D and innovation-sensitive sectors has great opportunities for serious cable industrialists. At this point, the Center of Excellence, the Cable Technology Center of Excellence, which will work as a competition center, will provide industrialists with the necessary quality service and Ar-G support in every field, adding that the sector will contribute to the production of technological products with high added value. industrialists, universities, scientists and supply demanders will be brought together in Çorlu NKUTEK EURASIATECHNOPARK said that will be formed.

Later, Namik Kemal University Vice Rector and General Manager of NKUTEK. Dr. Bulent Eker, university industry cooperation within the framework of this Workshop, both the industrialists in the Region and the university would provide significant benefits, he added. He emphasized that he has a very serious laboratory infrastructure and he is ready to serve all industrialists and students who want to cooperate with the university. In the past, he also worked as a manager in a cable manufacturing company, Professor. Dr. Bülent Eker, thanks to its R & D and technology infrastructure, said that the company is among the largest and most important cable manufacturers today. Turkish cable industrialists, defense and aerospace, other industrial areas, capable of responding to any need, said Prof.. Dr. Eker, Turkish Cable Industrialists said they would be pleased to contribute to this issue.

Halil Tokel, a member of TÜDEP's Board of Directors and President of Aviation Industries Localization Platform, participated in the workshop program on behalf of Turkish Airlines Technic and TAI, stated that the subject of cable, cabling and high quality conductive materials for the aircraft industry is one of the most strategic subjects in aviation, KİTEMM Cable Technologies Center of Excellence, which will be formed within this framework, will contribute to the supply needs of Turkish civil and military aviation. in Turkey, military or commercial aircraft of the need to manufacture as well as maintenance and repair processes, Tokel saying that an intensive cable need of addressing this area of ​​Turkey Cable manufacturers, technology-intensive value added in heading for higher this area, as well as domestic consumption, friend and brother so-called countries in also stressed that there is a serious market potential.

In the Workshop, Dr. Erdoğan, a member of the Board of Directors of TÜDEP and a member of the Haliç University, made a presentation about the details of KİTEMM Cable and Conductive Technologies Excellence Center project, which is planned to be implemented and the technical benefits of clustering in cable and cabling subjects. Ahmet Erkoç explained that the struggle of the companies on individual competition in the global competition will be more effective and less costly by clustering. From Turkey and the world, giving examples of the successful application of Excellence Center Dr. Mr. Erkoç emphasized the importance of intensifying efforts towards a holistic project with a sub-cluster based on Eurasiatechnopark.

Prof. at the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics Faculty of Kocaeli University participated in the workshop. Dr. Faruk Aras, 1800 kg and approximately 300 averaged commercial aircraft, said the cable length is about 380 km. On an 550-sized plane, he said it exceeded XNUMX km. The subject of the cable in the aircraft, both technical aspects, as well as flight comfort and safety aspects of the vessels that explain. Dr. Aras said that due to the problems in wiring, the smallest faults result in major catastrophes, for this reason the issue of quality and safety certification is of vital importance and gave examples of aircraft accidents caused by cable and cabling. He stated that Thrace and Corlu had a suitable infrastructure for such a specialized cluster. Dr. Faruk Aras stated that they are ready to give all kinds of support to KİTEMM Center of Excellence.

In the workshop program, Esin Sayın, Regional Manager of KOSGEB, who made a presentation, stated that they could provide support to KİTEMM and Cable specialized cluster by explaining the qualified KOSGEB supports provided to technology priority R & D projects and cooperation projects within the framework of clustering activities.

Within the workshop program, Yapıtaş Kablo, Vatan Kablo and Ünika Kablo made a presentation with their own R & D studies and information about the sector. Ali Altunbaş, one of the partners of Yapıtaş Kablo Company, stated that they managed to certify and produce some cables with R & D made by THY technical guidance in aviation.

In the last part of the program, Trakya Development Agency Secretary General and TÜDEP Vice President and Board Member Mahmut Şahin, speaking on behalf of Trakya Development Agency, stated that they are pleased to contribute to the qualified industrialization of our country and to be able to meet such strategic products in Trakya Region companies and to contribute to the Agency's behalf. he said. Sahin said: X Our ongoing initiatives since 2014 are finally giving fruit. In this context, KİTEMM Cable and Conductive Technologies Center of Excellence will be established and we also care about the work to be done. This center will be the first in our country and will serve a region where the industry is intense. It will be the milestone point of university-industry cooperation. We will do our part as the institution about the HASUN Cluster and the projects to be realized within the scope of this cluster. We would like to express our gratitude to all institutions and individuals who have worked for the realization of this project which will contribute to the 2023 and 2071 targets of our country. K

The closing speech of the High-Quality Conductors Cable and Wiring Technology Workshop Program was organized by the Rector of Namık Kemal University. Dr. Mumin Sahin made. Rector Sahin, Namık Kemal University, expressed the satisfaction of making such workshops, both the industrial sector, as well as the university's academic staff and students, said that a serious contribution to the integration of business world. NKUTEK EURASITECHNOPARK KİTEMM Cable and Conductive Technologies Center of Excellence Center will be established within the establishment of the university will do their part as the Rector Sahin, the program and all the participants in the framework of the program, thanking all the participants, expressed hope that the program will be auspicious.

In the workshop program, a KITEMM Cable and Conductive Technologies Excellence Center Work and Preparation Group was formed with an interactive application, which consisted of sector participants and TÜDEP managers, academicians and students who participated in the program. 21 Person, 7 Company, KITEMM Working Group, which consists of 8 Co-operation organizations, is a more comprehensive 2019 in September 2. He was assigned to prepare the infrastructure works of KİTEMM until the workshop program.

Then, all participants who participated in the Workshop Program were presented with a dim Certificate of Participation fotoğraf and after taking the collective photograph, the program ended.

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