Connection Roads to Bilkent City Hospital Opened to Traffic

connection to bilkent city hospital
connection to bilkent city hospital

Bilkent City Hospital with a bed capacity of 3 bin 633, which includes many hospitals, was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Bilkent City Hospital, which started to serve in Bilkent region, was completed by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, connecting roads and intersection works that will provide easy access from every point of the capital.


100 thousand people with a daily 30 thousand vehicles are expected to reach the City Hospital by using the Eskişehir Highway. opened to the opening.

The construction of the 3 bridge, which includes 29 bridge junction, overpass, 2 bridge, 2 underpass and 2 tunnel, will be completed in a short time.


METU-Teknokent Junction, which has been completed by 3 in the first stage, was completed and put into service within the scope of the connection roads and intersection works performed by Metropolitan Municipality.

E Hacettepe University Multi-Storey Bridge Interchange oluşturan, which will connect the Angora Boulevard, which is the second leg of the road project to the Bilkent City Hospital region, was completed and opened to traffic.

Hacettepe University Front Multi-Storey Bridge Interchange; overpasses; While 3 is 3 and 6 is going to be composed of 2 lanes, traffic flow is made from Angora Boulevard to Hacettepe-Beytepe Campus and Dumlupınar Boulevard. Thanks to the multi-level intersection with the roundabout at the bottom of the XYUMX-Ardgerme bridge and the leri U de turns, uninterrupted access to Angora Boulevard and Bilkent City Hospital has been achieved.


Eskişehir Road traffic in the scope of the project will provide great convenience and alternative to the scope of the project within the scope of the project, Metropolitan Municipality, Dumlupinar Bulvari Eskişehir advancing vehicles; The Council of State also provided a return to Bilkent City Hospital with AFAD and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The 288 2 lane is a 2,5 pedestrian crossing bridge with 108 meter width and XNUMX meter long pedestrian crossing.

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