TOPÇA Multi-storey Interchange Opens to Vehicle Traffic


One of the new transportation project of 12, TOPÇA Multi-storey Junction is opened to vehicle traffic. Fatih Pistil, who explained that the works on the bridge are about to be completed, stated that as of Friday, 29 will be able to provide vehicle crossings by bridge crossing.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Fatih Pistil announced that TOPÇA Multi-Storey Junction will be opened on Friday, March 29. Pistil, which is one of the new transportation project of 12, will give a new breath to the region's reach. Pistil, Karasu direction of vehicles to reach the bridge through the direct transport said.

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Pistil continued as follows: Ç One of our new transportation projects at 12 was the TOPÇA Crossroads. Works on the bridge are about to be completed. D-100 direction to the north of the city will be provided by bridges to depart. Alternative roads for city center transportation will be completed in a short time. The city's first-story intersection project will relax the region and the traffic jams will be prevented from time to time. Good luck. Hayır

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