New Market Area and Parking Lot Coming to Bursa Gürsu

bursa gursuya new market area and parking lot coming
bursa gursuya new market area and parking lot coming

Cüneyt Yıldız, who lost his life in an armed attack in his office in Bursa, is being put into practice by the Metropolitan Municipality, which is among the promises of the 2014 election promises of Cüneyt Yıldız. The foundation of the Yenidoğan Market Area and Closed Car Park project, which will be provided to Gürsu by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, was laid.

While preparing Bursa for a healthy future, the Metropolitan Municipality, which gives speed to investments that will improve the quality of life in the district of 17, provides a modern market area and closed parking lot for Gürsu after Kestel. The project will be built on an 3070 square meter area in Yenidoğan Neighborhood. In the 10, the last project, which was not realized, is put into practice by the Metropolitan Municipality of Gumushane, which is one of the 2015 election promises of the former Mayor Cüneyt Yıldız who lost his life in an armed attack at his office. Goksu Mayor Alinur Aktas, as well as the Mayor of Gürsu, Mustafa Işık, Bursa Deputies Efkan Ala, Müfit Aydın and Atilla Ödünç, AK Party Provincial Chairman Ayhan Salman, Gürsu District Governor Mustafa Koç and the people of the neighborhood.

Cüneyt We liked the President very much

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş started his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony by remembering the late President Cüneyt Yıldız with mercy. Aktas reminded that he lived in the first term of his presidency and lived his life after 1 years after the elections. In 5 was a little younger than me. We loved him very much. I ask my Lord to treat him martyred. It is a great honor and great honor to perform a work that he has committed.

We are planning the future of Gürsu

Gürsu'nin now 100 thousand population is a fast-growing, voicing President Aktas, Gürsu'nın 100 bin 150 thousand people planning the future said. Within the scope of this planning, starting from Gürsu and extending to Çalı and underlining that the underground line of 28.8 kilometers is of great importance, Chairman Aktaş said, ın Our citizens, who now take the metro from Gürsu, to Çalı, Terminale, City Hospital, Easily accessible to the train station. In addition to this, the eastern terminal and the eastern terminal will serve our people. Problems in electricity, water subscription point were exceeded. We are currently working on natural gas, the most important problem of the region. There is no doubt that this problem will be solved as soon as possible. However, in order for the services to be uninterrupted, we need to be strong in both Gürsu, Metropolitan and Ankara. Gürsu has always been a district that supports us, and we expect this support 31 also in March, Gür he said.

Providing information about the project laid foundation Aktaş, 600 days of the end of the work to be reduced to the day 400 day. The project, which will cost around 10 million TL, consists of basement, floor and roof floor. Bodrum Car Park, Loft Open Parking Area, Ground Floor as the Market Area will be functional in the project 185 vehicle capacity is available, for citizens of all kinds of social equipment to meet their needs.

Greater Gürsu did not leave alone

Mayor of Gürsu Mustafa Işık also stated that the deceased President Cüneyt Cüneyt has implemented all the projects he promised in 2014, and that the only project left was an indoor car park and a market area. He added that the Metropolitan Municipality did not leave Gürsu alone and added: in The sports facility, which was previously awarded to Yenidoğan by our Metropolitan Municipality, added an important value to the region. With the Market Area and Car Park, the newborn will receive all the services it deserves. I would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for their support. Bölge

In his speech, Bursa deputies Efkan Ala and Atilla Ödünç thanked the Mayor of Alinur Aktaş for the services provided to Gürsu and gave the good news that the issue of natural gas, which is the most important problem of the region, will be solved in time.

After the speeches, the area will add value to the area and the foundation of the parking garage was laid.

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