The New Capital Roads Are Stunning

The New Capital Roads Are Stunning

The New Capital Roads Are Stunning

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality completed the Angora Boulevard and Eskişehir Road route in a short time and opened it to traffic in the multi-storey bridge junction work in front of the Hacettepe Beytepe Campus. Metropolitan Municipality Science Affairs Department Head Vedat Üçpınar said that they plan to open the 6-lane road that will connect the junction in front of Hacettepe Campus to Bilkent City Hospital, to be opened to traffic until 14 March.

The new connection road and bridge works, which will greatly alleviate the traffic load of Eskişehir Highway, including the easy access to the Bilkent City Hospital, also brought an underfloor asphalting to the 3 high-rise junction which was under construction in front of the Hacettepe Beytepe Campus.

The teams of the Department of Science Affairs, which previously carried out many road and bridge works around Bilkent City Hospital, especially at METU Technokent Junction, are working hard to complete the new boulevard and bridgework that will connect Bilkent City Hospital to Angora Boulevard.

At the same time, the new boulevard that will provide an alternative to Eskişehir Road will extend the Angora Boulevard to the Bilkent City Hospital, which unites with the entrance of Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus. Together with the multi-storey junction in front of the Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus, the drivers will be able to continue on both the Eskişehir Highway and Bilkent City Hospital.


Overpasses at Hacettepe University Front Multi-Storey Bridge Interchange; 3 is 3 and 6 is going to be composed of 2 lanes. The traffic flow will be provided by XNUMX lanes from Angora Boulevard towards Hacettepe-Beytepe Campus Road Dumlupınar Boulevard.

The multi-storey intersection with roundabouts and U-turns under the 355-meter-long post-tensioning bridge will also facilitate the transition from Angora Boulevard to Bilkent City Hospital.


Head of the Department of Science Affairs Vedat Üçpınar stated that they would open the road to the Bilkent City Hospital in a short period of time by means of the Junction of Hacettepe Bridge, where the metropolitan teams continued to work in a feverish way, and gave the following information:

Uz As Metropolitan Municipality, we are continuing our road and bridge works on all sides of the capital. In addition to these works, we continue the road expansion works with Sincan OSB Lower Passage. As long as the weather conditions are met, all our teams on the 24 watch day and night continue to work on new roads and pavements throughout the capital. Hava

While focusing on alternative road works on the North-South and East-West axis of the city to relieve the traffic of the capital, Sincan OSB Intersection Underpass designed to provide uninterrupted traffic to Yenikent and to be completed in three rounds, 30 is planned to be completed by April.

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