The Priority of President Türel in the New Term Metro

President Turelin at the end of the new year
President Turelin at the end of the new year

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel, Antalya in the new era will strengthen the brand value of tourism, will open new jobs with international projects will be equipped with stating, "Boğaçayı project, cruise ports, marinas, maritime port, subway, we are moving to another place," he said.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel was the guest of Erdoğan Aktaş on Haber Global TV screens. Türel, answering the questions, shared his services and future projects. President Türel stated that Antalya, which is a world city, will take further with international projects that make life easier for the public.'Y I am Antalya's child. I was born and raised in this city, and serving Antalya is one of the greatest honors I can carry for me. I announced my new projects in February 14 Aşkım Antalya saying. We have presented 20 project with 359 billion pounds. 70 will be able to work with a thousand people. We're not saying a word we can't do. What we do is a reference to what we will do. We made a lot of promises at 2014, we did more. For example, we said that we will do 19 junction; In our new selection catalog, we refer to the 28 project. We will do these, Bunlar he said.

Subway is coming
President Menderes Türel stated that the priority of the new period is the transportation and transportation of public transportation. U The solution of the traffic problem is to make public transportation attractive. In the first period I made 11 mileage system. They couldn't extend an 1 inch during our absence. Now that we've come, we've put more than a mile on the 44, the 55 is heading for mileage. The next time we say that the underground metro is coming to Antalya. If the 11 kilometer rail system on the 44 kilometer before I had been made in the previous period, maybe I would be finishing the subway now, Eğer he said.

They're making excuses
In the past, those who make the excuse of the municipality, those who put this understanding of the debt allegations and the sunken municipal slander underlining that apply to the Turks Turel said: er I saw them in 2009. The 2009 also had an outstanding campaign of debt literature. We're at 2014. Now I look at similar opposition in opposition again. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the most borrowed from the Bank of Provinces 5'den the most borrowed municipality. I wish we were first. Because Iller Bank does not give cash to anyone. Gives project based. If you take the most appropriate credit projects in Turkey, the most favorable rate loans are loans Provincial Bank. It is a skill to find credit there. So we pride ourselves on that. Look who in the world follows us best from us? International financial institutions. Today IFC World Bank Lenders our xnumx'ünc Stage Rail System, our first time in Turkey unintentionally gave the treasury guarantee foreign loans. Now it would give an international financial institution steeped in debt to the municipality asking for a Treasury guarantee in Turkey? These are all manageable debt. Bunlar

Türel continued: “In 2009, it was said that he had a large debt due to the rail system. That's when I said that the rail system is money. kazanir in Antalya. In 2018, Antalya earned 28 million revenue from the rail system. The rail system pays its debt as well as money on it. kazanhe's eating. In the new period, I announced 20 projects with a budget of 359 billion TL. Can I put forward this claim if the municipality has this much debt? As a mayor who has fulfilled his every promise, I am the guarantor of these 359 projects from now on. I claim that I will fulfill them in every way with the promises I have made.”

No one else can do these projects than us
Noting that they will equip Antalya with international projects that will open new business areas that will strengthen its brand value in tourism in the new period, President Türel said: “We call it the Boğaçayı project. It will include cinema studios, an amusement park, hotels, and a cinema academy to meet the need for trained personnel. With our Boğaçayı project, we are taking Antalya to a completely different place with cruise ports, marinas and metro. When Antalya moves to a completely different place, it will become one of the cities that host the most accommodation tourists in the world. Currently, it is the 14rd in the world with the number of foreign tourists it hosts, together with New York, which is close to 3 million. As Antalya, we can only go to the championship with these projects. We are also very ambitious with these projects. No one else can do these projects but us. He couldn't. When our Antalya voters think very well at the ballot box and make the right decision, who can build the metro and cruise port in Antalya, then Antalya kazanacak, people of Antalya kazanit will hurt.”

Agricultural sector support package
Türel said that they had prepared a support package for the agricultural sector and gave the following information: bir In this period, we reduced the cost of irrigation water by 50 in irrigation water by using the electricity obtained from the solar energy in our irrigation associations and cooperatives in Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. 8 bin 641 farmer family now uses electricity free in irrigation water. We call this figure 50 thousand. We will also establish agricultural markets. By importing the 3 main input item like fertilizer, solar nylon and greenhouse plastic, we will sell 20 at a lower price. We will make sure that the producer sells his property more. We will build cold stores. Soğuk
Menderes Türel stated that Antalya International Film Festival has become a prestigious and qualified cinema festival in the world. Ali 5 of the films of Antalya International Film Festival entered the first 9 at Oscar. That is the best proof. İşte

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