Mayor Kocaoğlu: "Let it be our last gift to Izmir Bay"

baskan kocaoglu izmir korfezine get our last gift
baskan kocaoglu izmir korfezine get our last gift

The purchase contract of two new car passenger ships, which the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has been awarded to add to its fleet, has been signed with a ceremony. Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, "Let us be the last gift to the Gulf of Izmir" for the two new ships they will buy after the 15 billion TL investment they have made for the 3 passenger ships and 1-car ships.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed the latest investment in the field of sea transportation by purchasing 15 state-of-the-art passenger ships and 3-car ferries, adds two more ships to its fleet. A contract was signed with the contractor firm for two ships to be bought after Hasan Tahsin, Ahmet Piriştina and Kubilay ferryboats. Speaking at the signing ceremony at Bostanlı Pier, Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “Everyone has a job in life. In my 15-year presidency, it was also up to me to make the infrastructure investments that the city needed in every field. Today, we have done many studies in treatment, we have become leaders. We have 5 times more than the average of Turkey's investment environment. We have made great investments in transportation, we pour clean water from the taps 24 hours a day. We have implemented many projects for the development of agriculture. Let these two ships be our last gift to the Gulf. ”

Number of passengers will increase
Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that the flights will be frequent with the two ships to be bought and said, “We have changed all of the passenger ships and passenger ships with cars. The 3 car passenger ship we bought was not enough. We take a little smaller of them, we will run it at times when the density is lower. Our ships that will work in our blue bay will serve our city. ”

Stating that the total number of passengers carried in the Gulf has increased with the addition of 15 new cruise ships and 3 new car ships, they want to increase the total share of maritime transportation to 5 percent with the new piers to be built, and continued: "Looking at Istanbul ' there are those who criticize that there are more passengers transported by sea, why not so much in Izmir? If you compare the gulf and the strait, the candidate and the peninsula, you will not get a correct result. The sea route on the Bosphorus and the island without land connection is mandatory. ”

What kind of country, what kind of politics?
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that they bought 700 passenger ships for 15 million liras and 200 car passenger ships for 3 million liras, and said: “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made an actual investment of only 1 billion lira in our period. Metropolitan, with the state of the Republic of Turkey for 15 years and has competed in investment has made more investments. I leave this to one side. The curious can look at the Turkey Statistical Institute figures. We have 18 ships. Space is required for overnight stay. After the tender of the ferries, we requested that the fishermen's shelter located in the north of Bostanlı Pier be given to us. We have been running at the gates of Ankara for 1 years to accommodate the fleet of 10 billion lira there, to gather captains from the house when the storm arises and not to drop the ships into the bay. This 1 billion pounds of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is not Turkey's municipality? Isn't the property of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality the property of this country, this nation? Would it be so cruel, so ruthless? What kind of view, what kind of politics, what kind of country, nation love? I did not understand anything. I leave because I don't understand. ”

Signed in
Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar, on the other hand, with the tram, opera house, new ships and environmental arrangements signed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. KarşıyakaStating that he had a very nice period, he said, "I would like to thank President Aziz Kocaoğlu."

Ahmet Ötkür, the Chairman of the Board of Çeliktrans, which undertakes the construction of new ships, expressed great pride and happiness in building ships to serve the people of İzmir. After the speeches, the signing ceremony of the agreement between the Metropolitan Municipality and Çeliktrans was held.

The first of the two new ferries that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will add to its fleet will be delivered in 420 days and the second within 600 days. As of 2020, with the new ships to be put into service of the people of İzmir, the frequency of voyages and the number of vehicles transported will increase.

Latest technology and high security
New ferries designed to be at least 55 meters long and 15 meters wide, will have a minimum of 51 vehicles, 10 bikes, 10 motorcycles and at least 300 passengers in the covered area. The cruising speed of ferries to be equipped with high maneuverable propeller systems will be 12 knots per hour. The large windows in the covered passenger lounge will offer passengers a panoramic view of the bay. TV broadcasting, wireless internet, cold-hot drinks and ready-to-serve foodstuffs for sale, independent pet cages, baby care table, female-handicapped toilets, warning signs for the visually impaired, written in Braille special parking spaces for vehicles and 2 handicapped elevator, air-conditioning system in the indoor passenger lounge, playground for children will be found.

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