President Kocamaz Performs the Opening of the Sefa Bridge

President of the President of the Republic of Turkey
President of the President of the Republic of Turkey

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz to Tarsus kazanBy adding a new one to the services it provided, Sefa Bridge and the services provided by the General Directorate of MESKI were held in a collective opening ceremony. President Kocamaz, who was greeted with enthusiasm at the ceremony held in Tarsus, said, "Thank God, Tarsus has come to the place it deserves."

In the opening ceremony, Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mersin Party Deputy Mersin Hakan Sidhi, Democrat Party Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Ayfer Yılmaz, GOOD Party Tarsus Mayor Candidate Esin Erkoç, Democrat Party Mersin Province President Tural Kadizade, GOOD Party and Democratic Party district heads and numerous citizens took part.

The construction of the Sefa Bridge (Fevzi Çakmak Bridge) with the cost of TL 4.500.000,00 connects Fevzi Çakmak Neighborhood to Tozkoparan Quarter. Within the scope of the 73 m-wide bridge project with a length of 20 and a thousand 484 tons of hot asphalt work, a thousand 620 square keystone and one thousand 940 square curb slabs and pavement construction were completed while the bridge was equipped with modern lighting systems.

”25 had a single target throughout the year: bring Mersin to the place it deserves“

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz said, N 25 had a single job throughout the year, there was only one target; To bring Tarsus to the place that deserves Mersin, to lift up on your back from this heavy vein, to get up with your prayers and support, to disregard your trust in us, to see as a trust of Allah and to make no distinction between people, birthplace, color, pattern, belief, everyone in the Republic of Turkey, regardless of sect, see it as an equal citizen and to facilitate their lives, we live services in the city, we have given the people in the city of peace, to live in peace and brotherhood, "he said.
”By Allah's leave, we have overcome all obstacles with your prayers and support“

President Kocamaz, who stated that both Tarsus and Mersin have become a city of peace, peace and brotherhood since the first day they took office, “However, our efforts, our efforts to unite our people with hearts, Mersin, Tarsus, all our districts provide uninterrupted service someone would be disturbed that they wanted to interrupt us. They wanted to break the bond we created with you. But you know us. We have overcome all obstacles that have been brought up to our day with the prayers and support of Allah. After that, we will continue to exceed.

President Kocamaz, who emphasized that individuals who were born in 1994 grew up in the beauty of Tarsus, said: But since then 1994 year has passed. The children born that day graduated from university, got married, did their military service, and had children. They grew up in the beauty of Tarsus. But the citizens of the higher age knew the deficiencies of this city, knew their dilemmas, knew it was an uninhabitable city, knew that the septic tanks were flowing through the streets, and most of the people who were admitted to the hospital at that time were going to the hospital with jaundice, typhoid and dysentery. But thank God, Tarsus came to the place he deserved now. Ama

"Tarsus Municipality, we handed over our area and some of Turkey's population was the richest municipality"

Inherit they Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's most indebted xnumx'unc metropolitan also included her husband President mentioned that the municipality does not, "Tarsus Municipality, we handed over our area and population of Turkey was the richest municipality basis. The current value of the real estate we have just released is about 10 billion. Again when we transferred the municipality, we left 5 apartments, 176 million cash. But today Tarsus didn't go too far from where we left off. As Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, we made all the asphalts in this city. We made asphalt near the 42 kilometer in the countryside and provided great services in both agricultural and physical services. When you consider the whole of Mersin, the amount of asphalt we made in the countryside only exceeded the 800 thousand 5 kilometers. The 500 bin means 5, which means 500 times to Istanbul. X
”Our service to the public is our service to Hakk“

President Kocamaz, who mentioned about the infrastructure, drinking water, asphalt, road construction, agricultural services, social services and projects, social and cultural projects implemented for young people, children and women as a competent Mayor of 5 year, 'In Tarsus, we targeted a city without a strong drinking water problem. Thank God we have achieved this goal. According to our belief, our service to the public is our service to Hakk '.

After the speeches, President Kocamaz and the members of the protocol were inaugurated.

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