Minister Turhan Announced, Channel Istanbul Will Open In 2025

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Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan said, “Kanal Istanbulu 2025We will bring to our country. As full-fledged boats begin to pass here and life begins here, the Kanal Project is also an urbanization project. He made a project evaluation that will increase the brand value of Istanbul.

Minister Turhan underlined that the part of the project related to construction and planning has been completed to a large extent and said, “The location of the channel to be built within the scope of the project is certain. The sea and port structures, piers and commercial areas around the canal, all of them were prepared in detail and completed. We conveyed this to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to be included in the development plans. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has completed other city plans around this channel on a scale of 1 / 100.000. Final evaluations are being made regarding the EIA phase of this. ” used expressions.

Stating that they are considering the Kanal Istanbul Project with the build-operate-transfer method, Turhan said that the total cost of the project is approximately 15 billion dollars.

Turhan pointed out that the current capacity of the straits is not enough to carry the vehicles in international maritime traffic and said, “We have to increase the capacity to serve maritime traffic. This is an international sea route. Here we have to pass commercial vehicles. We have the authority to determine the rules of this. Channel Fulfillment of Istanbul in Turkey for maritime transport and that the rights and privileges of any business use is very important. " he spoke.

“If there is no customer available for Kanal Istanbul, we have a goal to start in 2019 with our own means.” Turhan pointed out that a total of 7 railway crossings, 2 metro crossings, one under bridge and two underground crossings, are planned on the project route. Turhan noted:

“Along with these, 8 tunnel crossings are planned within the scope of the crossing of the main water transmission lines. Transition planning was made with 14 corridors for 4 existing energy transmission lines, 7 corridors for 5 natural gas lines and 3 corridors for existing telecommunication lines. We will bring Kanal Istanbul to our country in 2025. As full-fledged, boats start to pass here and life begins here. ”(UBAK)



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