Live the beauty of spring by train

experience the beauty of baharin by train
experience the beauty of baharin by train

In the March issue of Raillife, the General Director of TCDD, Ali İhsan Uygun, published an article titled Ra Live the Beauty of Spring ife.

Here is the letter of General Director of TCDD Ali Ihsan Uygun;

After a heavy winter season, we opened the door for a new spring.

Heavens, which warmed the fertile soil of Anatolia fell. All around our country will be adorned with colorful flowers.

We will accompany the unique music of the snow waters flowing from steep slopes to waterfalls.

As always, we are waiting for you on our trains for your travels in order to be able to witness close to the beauties around our country.

No stopping on the tracks, going on,

Our railroads, which we celebrated this year 162 year, were not only a means of transportation in our country.

By assuming a mission that goes beyond that, it contributes to the economic, social and cultural development of our country, and to the National Struggle. kazanled the way.

In the historical process, especially after the 1950 's half a century for more than a period of time forgotten by abandoning our railroads, Mr. President's directives since 2003 was accepted as a state policy.

In the last 16 years, large investments have been made in our railways. Trains and stations, which were once seen as nostalgia tools and places of nostalgia, once again aroused the interest and favor of our people. kazanwas.

However, within the time taken for our country to reach its 2023 targets, kazanThis success needs to be multiplied.

With the excitement of being able to carry our Railways under the auspices of our President under the auspices of our Minister, I am delighted to have started a service as a General Director of TCDD.

I have faith in the support of our altruistic railways and our people who are happy to serve during this duty which brings great responsibilities.

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