Theme Park Opened to Make Ankara a Brand City

ankarayi brand city will make theme park urgent
ankarayi brand city will make theme park urgent

The former name of ANKAPARK, ın Wonderland Eurasia Eur, which will make Ankara a brand city and which will contribute to tourism, was put into service with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

President Erdogan, 1 300 million square meter area and on-site installation 2 117 thousand in Turkey where the entertainment unit and Europe's largest theme park, 31 gave the good news would be free until the evening of March. Addressing the families and tourists, President Erdoğan said, A We also agreed with the operators. Ankapark free 31 will be at your service until the evening of March. You will be able to visit our park with your children for free. Çocuklar


President Erdoğan pointed out that Wonderland Eurasia, which is expected to host the annual local and foreign 5 million tourists, will make a great contribution to the capital. I This Theme Park is a symbol of pride. With the cost of finding 1 Billion 396 Million Pounds, our municipality will earn 50 Million Lira annually. They will make very serious contributions to our city. I believe that Ankara will increase its brand value even more Ankara.

Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin, who attended the opening ceremony, said, “Ankara really has a brand value. I would like to thank our former Mayor Mr. Tuna and his team. Hopefully Ankara will meet with great services after that. Today, this work will make a great contribution to the capitalism of the capital tourism, he said. Speaking at the opening ceremony in which the capital city showed great interest Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna thanked President Erdoğan for his contributions in the construction of Tema Park, and said:

“I offer my respects to all of you. This important facility, with many facilities selling cafes and tourist goods, had to go into law to rent out the 29 yearbook. The President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has made great contributions and contributions to this law. If this law had not been made, there would be no sale of cafes and restaurants and tourist goods. 10 annual operating time was therefore inadequate. With this very important legal arrangement, the company was rented 29. I would like to thank everyone, especially the President of the Republic. Thanks to our President, we have taken this important investment into service. I also believe that this important investment will contribute greatly to the tourism, trade and economy of our Ankara. Bu


Noting the importance of the facilities that will open jobs to the people, the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki stated that Wonderland Eurasia was one of them and said:

Uz We would like to thank our esteemed Mayor Mr. Mustafa Tuna and our former President Melih Bey. There are traces everywhere in Ankara. He has labor in every corner of Ankara. God bless you. Mustafa Tuna chairman in his time period showed his best endeavors. Now it's your poor brother. We're ready for duty. We have studied. Ders

Former Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek participated in the ceremony during the construction of some civil society organizations and the Main Opposition Party by opening numerous lawsuits, expressing great obstacles, the greatest dream of entering the service of Ankapark said that he was very happy. Gokcek, Ankapark in Paris and Hong-Kong Theme Park is cheaper than noting that drawing attention, "the world's largest and cheapest Park Ankapark' is so the happiest day of my life is today," he said.


Wonderland Eurasia and a new Entertainment Age will start in the capital of Ankara, the world's most invasive 14 Roller Coaster'i will be a center of attraction for millions of local and foreign tourists.

Wonderland Eurasia, which is prepared to be nominated for the Guinness Book of Records with its biggest dinosaur, is comprised of different thematic sections.

Digital games adults play area to the area of ​​the cultural values ​​of Turkey's 7 Regions will be presented in a visual feast paired Theme Park; From Nasreddin Hodja to Alaaddin's Magic Lamp, many fairy tales will bring visitors to the fairy-tale world.

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