Kalkan High Speed ​​Train from Ankara HalkalıWill Reach

high-speed train
high-speed train

Gebze-Halkalı suburban line opened. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the first expedition, sat in the mechanic seat of the trains. The cost of the train is still unexplained. Even transport will start tomorrow.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan today in GebzeHalkalı inaugurated suburban train. Sozcu.com.t isAccording to the information received from Marmaray Operation Directorate, there will be no transportation in the suburban line today. Transportation will start tomorrow morning.

Here are the opening speeches of President Erdoğan's train line:

I wish this line, which passes from one end of Istanbul to the other under the Bosphorus, will be beneficial to our country. Gebze Halkalı While the Suburban Line used to be 185 a distance that can be folded in minutes, now 115 will go down to Xlnx hours in Istanbul for 1 hours.

This line, which is the busiest and the busiest in Istanbul, will carry 75 thousand passengers in one direction and 1 million 700 thousand passengers per day. In other words, it will transport passengers who can normally only be transported with 100 thousand vehicles.

10 districts of Istanbul will have the opportunity to use this line directly. This line, which consists of 43 stations together with Marmaray, will lead to a significant relief in Istanbul traffic with its integration to our sea lines.

We expect a serious reduction in the burden of the historic peninsula. I mean wagons, 440 of the 300 vehicles that will work on this line were produced in our country.

You will get on from here, from under the sea to Europe, the train line used to go to Haydarpaşa on the Anatolian side. On the European side, Sirkeci, we combined these two train lines with Marmaray. We are building it within the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. For this, we renewed, developed, and put it on a new face as if we had done it from scratch.

With this line, we increase the length of the rail system of Istanbul, which is 170 kilometers, to 63 kilometers with an additional 233 kilometers. I hope we will carry out this development move by joining the power and the local hand in hand on the one hand. This is the Istanbul stage of the silk road from London to Beijing.

Pendik will not be the last stop for high speed trains with this line again. HalkalıIt continues from here until.Sözcü)



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