Scissors Derail In Ankara With Fuel-Loaded Train Left Open

The railroad cars carrying the fuel in Ankara were derailed
The railroad cars carrying the fuel in Ankara were derailed

The train carrying fuel-laden tanker wagons derailed in the Çağlayan district of Ankara's Sincan district. BTS Ankara Branch President Özdemir said, "The fuel train was derailed because the scissors were left unfinished during the signaling activities."

In Ankara's Sincan district of Caglayan region, the railway carrying fuel-oil tankers was discharged from the railroad.

BTS Ankara Branch Chairman Ismail Ozdemir, fuel-loaded tank wagons carrying the train, during the signaling operation of the scissor is not fully closed due to derailment, he said.

Edi If there was a signaling, the control center would have noticed the error in the scissor and the train would not come off the track, mak said Özdemir.

Di The control center would not allow this switch to see if the scissors were left unfinished. We have warned many times to stop the transitions while working but not listened. The more risky to give a residence permit to a residential building, the more risky it is. The derailment of the train carrying fuel-oil-loaded tanker wagons caused a great risk for the city, which could have been a passenger train. Tren

Stating that the fuel discharge process continues, Özdemir said, ir The line is not working, but the train passes on the side line. A possible mistake during the evacuation is a risk for the passengers. Abil (BİRGÜN)

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