Train Sets to be Used on Ankara Sivas YHT Line Coming in November

First Party of YHT to be delivered in November
Photo: TCDD

Train Sets to be Used in Ankara Sivas YHT Line will arrive in November: Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan said that the first batch of 10 YHTs ordered to Siemens will be delivered in November, saying, “The remaining 9 sets will be delivered in 2020, one set every month. said.

Minister Turhan, on the question of the delivery time of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) sets ordered to Siemens, the high speed train opened between Ankara and Istanbul. HalkalıHe said that reaching to will increase the demand for travel.

Emphasizing that the increase in demand in question is an expectation, Minister Turhan stated that even now, the tickets “do not sell”, the line should be fed with additional sets.

Turhan, Ankara-Sivas line will come into operation next year, this line will increase the need for train pointed out.

Cahit Turhan, who stated that the first batch of 10 YHT ordered under the contract made last year, will be delivered in November, said, “They will deliver the remaining 9 sets in 2020, one set per month. We will put them into service. These will also be backups of existing employees. ” used the expression.

Minister Turhan pointed out that they want to include the private sector in railway management and said that companies operating in this field in Europe are interested in the issue, and that comfort and quality are important to them.

Stating that they have made their programs to put the projects they planned as ministry into service on time, Turhan said, “There is no stagnation in our projects at the moment. Until today, we have made our investments by improving land and railway infrastructure all over the country in order to meet the urgent transportation needs of our country and to perform the services as soon as possible. ” he spoke.

Turhan, mainly pointing place on the east-west corridor of national and international transport movement in Turkey, on the date of the Republic on this corridor and said they were improving all the railways remain inactive. (UBAK)

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