Ankapark opens its doors with the name 'Wonderland Eurasia'

ankapark wonderland opens its doors with the name eurasia
ankapark wonderland opens its doors with the name eurasia

Ankapark, the biggest theme park in Europe, which will give great momentum to the economy of the country and capital tourism, is the number of days left to the service of WONDERLAND EURASİA, the new changing name.

to have Ankara and Turkey's mainly all about the wonder and excitement Wonderland Eurasia, it will be opened by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday, March 20.


Ankara Metropolitan since its construction by the Municipality and after 29 years the company GBM Trade & Steel Joint Venture leased to Group Wonderland Eurasia's General Manager Cem Uzan, Turkey's most talked Theme Park is the installation of 1 million 300 thousand square meters, and entertainment areas with Turkey, said it was one of the largest theme parks in Europe and Asia.

Wonderland Eurasia, Turkey, the heart of the capital, Asia and Europe, synthesis and beyond the dreams of a composition that expresses implemented with fiction lie down, eating and drinking areas, play tents, cinemas, dinosaur forest and museum, 14 Total giant Roles Costeri and 2 bin 117 entertainment unit is different from each other.


Addressing a large audience, the theme park, 110 thousand square meters indoor, 1 thousand square meters of open space and summer conditions will serve in accordance with the underlining Uzan, gave the following information:

Ile The thematic areas in the park will serve both educational and instructional play areas where children can develop their imagination and develop not only fun but also personal knowledge and skills. Thanks to the adult playground built on an area of ​​15 thousand square meters, adults can enjoy pleasant and quality time. X


Wonderland Eurasia 5 million visitors in the first year they intend to bring this target in the following years, indicating that they plan to exceed the Uzan, said:

A We are expecting to visit nearly 1000 thousand people from these countries for the first year to Tema Park, which is the center of attraction for all of Europe, Middle East, Russia and China. Utilizing the latest example of today's technology and can breathe with plenty of green space theme park will have both the capital and home to the inner and important contribution to international tourism will do well 300 million tourists will add value to all of Turkey. In the first phase, when the park is put into service, a thousand 5 will create jobs for the people and contribute to the national economy. Park


Uzan, who draws attention to the fact that entertainment units prepared for the visitors and families of all ages and to have fun and have fun, will host unforgettable memories.


Uzan stated that he believed that the new entertainment concept will make a difference in Ankara and added, cazibe The motto of Wonderland Eurasia, which will be the center of attraction of Ankara and Eurasia, will be as ambitious as the park itself. He will announce his name to the whole world with the concept of ”Fun Age Begins'.

In Theme Park, each region will also represent the following different ages with the 'Ages Theme':


Stone Age

Ancient Civilizations

Present tense

The Future

After Flood

New beginnings

'Wonderland Eurasia will be almost impossible to visit a day Uzan,' 'in this direction to meet the needs of domestic and foreign guests to the Crowne Plaza park was included in the body,' 'he said.


Ası All the entertainment units in the park will be supplied from the best manufacturers in their area, while the units will be periodically maintained to prevent any negativity. Special care and controls as well as routine maintenance will be carried out meticulously. This is our red line. Our toys are controlled by technical teams from Italy, Switzerland, Germany and China, while our staff trained by these teams are also given certificates Almanya.


Explaining that the park will host cultural and artistic events after the opening of Wonderland Eurasia, Uzan said, ağ 23 April-5 May will be performed by many famous artists. We believe that our citizens, who will come from other cities, will spend quite a pleasant time with these concerts den.

In addition to the concerts at Wonderland Eurasia, Uzan said he believes that many events will be dazzled, especially on special occasions, from show programs to cortos, from animations to theaters.


Wonderland Eurasia Sales and Marketing Manager Necip Fazil Guldemir, 35 meter height and 100 meter width of the visitors built in accordance with the original 13 different Seljuk Gate from a magical world to enter the told.

These doors will be used in the entrance and exit of cafes, shops and gift shop stating that Güldemir, extremely large theme Park also said they thought about transportation.

In the park on the 5 kilometer line 320 personality and 4 wagon nostalgic land train that will serve the express that Güldemir, in addition to the 2 will be found a kilometer-long monorail. Güldemir also underlined that they will meet all kinds of needs of the guests with health services, ambulance, fire brigade, mosque, baby care rooms, wi-fi and entrusted and lost property offices.


. The 25 TL of this fee will be charged as an entry ticket, while the 5 TL will be charged as a credit and visitors will be able to use it in their entertainment units in the park, ist said Güldemir.

Güldemir gave the following information about the interesting entertainment units of the giant roller coaster and dinosaur museum in Tema Park:

"Turkey will be unbeatable in the entertainment project, with a total 1 300 million thousand square meters of built-in Eurasia's Wonderland in a field, in 12 130 thousand square meters of indoor space consisting of thematic sections available. World's most augers (inversion) with Roller Coaster with 'lightspeed', Turkey's highest boat tower with the Wind Riders, 75-meter giant tower 'Abyssto the Underworld', in the category of Europe's largest and 50 meters can rise Flying The island is just a few of them. Not limited to these. 26 meter giant spherical screen (offering pleasure flights over the world and Turkey) Flying Theater in total will fascinate everyone, especially indoor and outdoor entertainment unit 2 117 thousand. "


In the theme park, 110 will meet the guests with a fascinating visual feast with Water Dancing, reaching up to a height of 120 at the pool concept with various entertainment units over a thousand square meters in size.

Den One of the first in the world is in this park. 14 Roller Coaster is a combination of. Roller Coaster, with 900 meter rail length and 10 twisted 35 meter height, is ranked among the best in their peers in the world, yer said Güldemir.

Guests are scanning the channel, 7 cultural elements of Turkey's geographical area will offer a visual feast accompanied Wonderland Eurasia, will turn the country into a center of attraction next to add a new dimension to the concept of entertainment.


Theme Park, which has unrivaled features in many areas, will also produce its own energy. Thanks to the solar panels installed in the open parking area by the Metropolitan Municipality, it will save almost as much energy as possible.

Another area where visitors will benefit from Theme Park will be the 6 bin 800 vehicle capacity car park. 12 will be open for months. The theme park will be different in both summer and winter.

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