Altınbeşik Cave Road Renewing

Altinbesik Magarasi Road Refreshing
Altinbesik Magarasi Road Refreshing

The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is renewing its way to the Altınbeşik cave, which is flocked by local and foreign tourists in the İbradı Ürünlü Mahallesi. The narrow and dangerous 5 will be safe and comfortable with road-work.

Mayor Menderes Türel's service in the rural area continues to mobilize. In this context, the Department of Rural Services carries out road and asphalt works all over Antalya in order to ensure that the rural areas receive a comfortable and safe transportation service.

Hard rocks are breaking the road
Particularly suffered the influx of visitors during the summer months, Turkey's largest, world's 3. work has been started to make access to the Altınbeşik Cave, which has a large underground lake. Rural Services Department infrastructure teams, 5 km long Altınbeşik Cave road in the narrow and dangerous parts of the crusher construction machinery by breaking the hard rocks makes the way more spacious and comfortable. Consultant Consultant İsa Akdemir went to İbradı District Ürünlü Quarter and examined the works on site.



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