Akçaray, HDP Free For Today!

akcaray for hdp
akcaray for hdp

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality made the tram free for 4 hours for the meeting of HDP in Izmit National Will Square today

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 19 made a decision before the rally in Izmit National Will Square on Tuesday, March and announced that the tram would be free during 4 hours during the days when there was a political party rally. This decision, which was implemented at the Erdogan rally, was implemented at the rallies of the Nation Party and the Felicity Party, was also valid for the HDP meeting, which was announced at 13.00 today. Tram will be provided free of charge hours between 13.00-17.00 hours. Those who would like to participate in HDP rally will be able to use the tram of the Metropolitan. (Kocaeli Barış Newspaper)



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