Island Train Arrives At The Center But Pay Attention To The Danger

island train arrived at the center but pay attention to the danger
island train arrived at the center but pay attention to the danger

The island train 7 began to come back to Adapazari Station after years. However, the barriers in the level crossings do not work, causing dangerous moments.

Adapazarı - İstanbul Express, which is known as the island train, started to come to Adapazarı Station after 7 year.

Before the train to Mithatpaşa station from Saturday morning as a mutual 5 expedition into the Adapazari station.

However, the fact that the barriers at the 4 level crossing from Mithatpaşa station to the railway station do not work is causing danger in the passage of the train.

After the Mithatpaşa station, the train arrives very slowly and warns the drivers by performing selector lights when the level crosses the level crossing.

Sunday evening at the 23.20 waters Adapazari station to the train, Harmanlık level crossing a car at the last moment to escape from the traffic, the traffic is more intense 1. and 2. had to wait a while while in the crossings.

Trainers warned by pedestrians in level crossings, but the train can only proceed.

Citizens have called for the authorities to take measures to prevent painful events in the level crossings. (Medyab is)

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