Training of TÜVASAŞ Personnel on Losses of Tobacco Products

Sakarya province health training was given by Tuvasas staff
Sakarya province health training was given by Tuvasas staff

The Ministry of Health of Sakarya Provincial Directorate of Health provided TÜVASAŞ General Directorate personnel with an informative training on the scope and implementation of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Harmful Tobacco Products and the tobacco and tobacco products dependence.

Making a short opening speech, TÜVASAŞ Deputy General Manager Dr. Yakup KARABAĞ states that he has never used cigarettes or tobacco products in his life, that it is necessary to be a healthy individual for the state and nation, and that the serious budget spent on cigarettes is used for family and useful works. kazanHe stated that smoking is effective, that he advises smokers to quit immediately, that the rules should be followed in order to prevent harm, especially to non-smokers, as "passive smokers", otherwise legal sanctions will be imposed.

Experts from the Provincial Directorate of Health, tobacco products, damage, release, the ministry of health told the aid of the drop.

In education, we emphasized that tobacco products and other harmful substances, the reactions of our body, smoking or substance abuse are considered as a brain disease and these substances cause irreversible destruction in the body. It was explained that the use of these substances would cause physiological and psychological health problems in our lives now and in the future.

At the end of the training, which was followed with great interest and curiosity by the participants, the participants were informed about the questions of the provincial directorate, including the methods and assistance related to the release of harmful substances.

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