Mayor Aktaş Announced the Projects That Will Carry Bursa to the Future

President Aktas announced the future of the scholarship projects
President Aktas announced the future of the scholarship projects

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş introduced projects that will be implemented in a new period in every field from transportation to tourism, urbanization and culture to art and sports. President Aktas, 20 54 kilometer rail system line in the year, the new projects will be increased to 114 kilometers.

Bursa Congressmen, District Mayors, Mukhtars, under the umbrella of the Cumhur Alliance, AK Party and MHP provincial chairman and executives, AK Party past deputies, academic and professional chambers, trades chambers and civil society. chairman and executives of many organizations participated in numerous businessmen. Speaking at the meeting held in the form of a visual feast, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş started his speech by thanking everyone who produced services for Bursa so far.

Peaceful City

Reminding that the dream-makers of Bursa have reached their goals, the inhabitants find peace and give peace to their inhabitants, President Aktaş emphasized that they worked for months and months for the determination of the problems, and that they made inquiries in the field. Stating that they discussed everything with citizens, academic chambers, non-governmental organizations, opinion leaders of the society and the press, President Aktaş said, akademik We created a city vision. Because we know that Bursa is a city where a universe empire was established. Bursa is not a city but a city with many features. We examined Bursa's processes, the point it came from, its success so far, and set a road map. Our topics have been identified in six titles: Transport traffic, Urbanization and environment, Tourism, Local economic life, Social life and education, Culture arts and sports.

Vehicles counted one by one

Reminding that the most important problem of all developed cities in the world and the most money spent for the solution is traffic and transportation, President Aktaş emphasized that they will allocate the lion's share to the transportation in this investment. Bursa's 2035 year, aiming to prepare the transportation master plan and 2 years after the target of transportation in Bursa as a problem voicing President Aktas voicing, the vehicle prepared by taking individual vehicle counts, unanimously passed from the Metropolitan Municipality Council reminded me of the plan. Providing information about the existing rail system lines, President Aktas, 17.8 20 station 104 30.9 32 thousand station daily and 180 284 station with XNUMX station Kestel University daily XNUMX thousand a day, including a total of XNUMX thousand passengers carry a day said.

Bursa is woven with iron nets

Providing information about both the signaling optimization study and the new lines that will make the current line more raidable, President Aktas said that the signalization optimization studies started and that the frequency of the 3,75 minutes will be reduced to 2 minutes after this work is completed. With only this arrangement, without making a new line 284 thousand of passengers per day 2020 460 thousand in July expressing President Aktaş said, X Besides, there is a Terminal line you all know. We integrate this individual line into the existing line. Terminal - City Square Our rail line has 8.2 kilometers and 11 stations. The President gave the gospel and said what will be done. In addition, our city hospital with 1355 bed comes. Again High Speed ​​Train meets our Bursa. High-speed trains in Bursa, taking the end point, our people fully rail system to ensure the transportation to the high-speed train we have done. We connect the line ending in Emek with our city hospital and High Speed ​​Train with an additional line of 5,5 kilometers and 4 station. Besides, we will send our University line to Görükle with 3 kilometers additional line and 2 station Bun.

New metro from Gürsu to Çalı

President Aktas, who shared the details of the new 28.2 metro line between Gürsu Çalı and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the Bursa meeting, said: The rookies and the sequel will extend to the bush. It is an important study that will be able to stand on the islands that we will create around Ulucami Khans Area. Our track is always on the east west axis. We don't have a line on the north south axis. You know, Demirtas is a very busy neighborhood. Demirtaş OSB is one of the very active industrial zones. 20.2 kilometers and 17 new line, which starts from Demirtaş and passes through FSM and continues until Çalı, will have the capacity of carrying 104 thousand passengers. In addition, TEKNOSOB, which is especially interested in BTSO, is our load current. The transportation of our line in Görükle to Kızılcıklı and Başköy is inevitable. For this, we have a new line consisting of 6 kilometers and 6 stations. We created a system that works like a clock. We made our accounts. We are now upgrading our current line of 54 kilometers to the 60 mileage with the addition of 114 kilometers X.

Acemler knot unraveling

15 12 1000 in Istanbul more than XNUMX vehicle traffic, the intersection point of all roads in Bursa, prepared to prepare the project to solve the knot in the Acemler President Aktas, stressed that they will start from the Acemler'den first work after the election. Expressing that they will bring significant relief to the traffic with the application of steering wheel intersection, President Aktaş explained that the side roads to be made in both directions of the İzmir Ankara road, the removal of the fan to the road to the double, and the car park with the car park XNUMX will take place. Near the eastern ring road to the botanical park part of the viaduct to be made, will be completed Beşyol junction, voicing President Aktas, Çelebi Mehmet Bulvarı'nda expropriation is about to end, Botanic Park intersection with the real sense of traffic will be relieved. Indicating that two-way turn handles will be made to the Soğanlı area, the President Aktaş emphasized that the courthouse will be built on Balıklıdere, and the bridge connecting Değirmenönü and Otosansit will be no longer a problem with new roads that will connect the Özlüce region to the highway and the city hospital.

Chairman Aktas, 59 smart junction application in the new period, storey mechanical car parks, parking and attendance systems and 235 kilometers as long as the bicycle path to breathe the investments stressed.

Re-green Bursa

Expressing that 'green Bursa' is one of the most important issues under the title of urbanization and environment, President Aktaş said that besides the 40-decare Atatürk Stadium, a 70-decare area, which is the size of 500 football fields, is in Bursa as a national garden. kazanannounced that he would. President Aktaş stated that Bursa will become green again with the 86-decare Rice Thematic Flower and Water Park to be built behind the terminal, the 200-decare Gökdere Children's Activity Village and Traffic Education Center, the 225-decare Vakıfköy City Park, and the 93-decare Demirtaş Dam Amusement Park and Recreation Area. Noting that the Hamitler Solid Waste Landfill will be transformed into a botanical park, Mayor Aktaş announced that the scrap dealers in the city center will also be moved out of the city. Mayor Aktaş mentioned that the six car park living space projects to be implemented in the area where the Mudanya city stadium is located will be implemented in 33 different neighborhoods.

The cake is big in tourism

In the 2023 50 billion dollars reminiscent of Turkey's target is revised 70 billion dollars of tourism pie President Aktas, Bursa with its historical, cultural and natural values ​​have noted that it may take a significant share of that pie. President Aktas emphasized that they have determined the road map in this regard, ler Average 1.9 night. We need to move this to 3,5-4. We are the Ottoman city, we are still the traces of different civilizations. Food culture, social cultural structure, historical features of the whole world under the roof of tourism to bring together. We exhibit in serious fairs. We have to take the 17 into account, because they all have value. We will create Mudanya Güzelyalı and Kumyaka marinas. We need to put Tirilye, the hidden paradise of Mudanya, back on its feet. Gölyazı will be a serious tourism brand. We will bring together Dağyenice with the investors soon. This area of ​​500 acreage will be the guest of the day-caravers and will be among the indispensables of Bursa with its areas compatible with nature. We also have significant investments in ecotourism in the mountain region. Iznik Orhaneli, Harmancik, Buyukorhan and Keles district with a population of less than 50 will be a quiet city. We will create an awareness in these areas and attract people here. It's Iznik. What can we say about Iznik? A very important value. He is currently on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We're going to try to get him on the real list as soon as possible. Uludag Bursa to give up. Uludag's 4 season to be a center of attraction for our day-to-day facilities have completed our project and delivered to the ministry. Our citizens can get all kinds of services from car park, cafeteria, mosque, entertainment center and restaurant. Otopark

Bursa shares its wealth

President Aktaş, who promised 'a Bursa that becomes rich and shares its wealth with its citizens' regarding the local economic life, said that they will provide all kinds of support for Bursa to be a logistics base, they will create application areas where housewives will contribute to the home economy, and that they will create a cattle market and meat combination in the mountain region. He stated that they will establish a geothermal greenhouse project in Orhaneli Karncalı. Noting that they will work for the branding of olives, President Aktaş said cold air facility to Gürsu. kazanHe said that the work on the extraction continues.

Ipekyolu film festival

Noting that they set off with the aim of a Bursa with values ​​in culture, art and sports, President Aktaş said that the open-air theater would be defeated, and the Silkroad film festival would be re-launched after about 10 year. Aktek emphasized that young people can come together in a safer environment with the help of the sleeping library application and they will establish an E-sports center in order to remove the young people from bad habits and create a brand in this area.

Start to live in Bursa

Reminding that the memorial of the martyrdom, which is still under construction in Mihraplı, will be placed in 18 March, Mayor Aktaş said, yapım We set off for Bursa. As a brother who loves the country without any complexes, I have no other problem than to carry forward the values ​​he has taken from history. I hope this period will be with me with the mayor of 17, on the roof of the Cumhur alliance believe in this work, the country, the nation, the flag and the state will sacrifice your lives happily, the ancestors yesterday in Çanakkale today, such as the belief that the future of July in Bursa with the staff of the future 15 we're calculating. " said.

President Aktas, then with the participants in the foyer area of ​​the project by examining the model, gave information about the work to be done.

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